Magento activity, logs and alerts

It is recommended that interaction reporting is configured for each interaction. Enabling interaction reporting will help to monitor the integration activity and send email alerts for any errors or warnings that occur.

Email reports

Email reports can be triggered for log entries based on the severity.

Choose when an email should be triggered by going to:

  • Magento 1: Interactions > Core > Configuration > Flint interactions
  • Magento 2: Brightpearl > Hotlink framework configuration > Installation


Emails must be enabled and an email address specified for each separate interaction at:

  • Magento 1: Interactions > Brightpearl > Configuration
  • Magento 2: Brightpearl > Brightpearl integration > Configuration


Browsing interactions and activity

A report of everything that has been happening in the extension can be seen as any time at:

  • Magento 1: Interactions > Log
  • Magento 2: Brightpearl > Hotlink framework > Log

Click the "View" link against an entry to see the detail of the interaction, including the JSON sent to Brightpearl.


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