Magento export orders interaction

This interaction is used to send all orders placed through Magento over to Brightpearl where they can be processed through fulfillment and shipping. All the shipping updates made in Brightpearl can be sent back to Magento.

When an order is created in Brightpearl it must be linked to a customer record. If the customer record is already in Brightpearl it will be found by matching the email address, and the order will be assigned to that existing contact. If they are a new customer, a new customer record will be created and the order added against them.

If the extension is configured to do so, the contact will be updated with any new addresses or name changes.

Customers with a company name will be created in Brightpearl. Customization mapping can be used to exclude certain strings from being treated as a company name. 

Learn more about customization mapping.

Handling orders from resellers

  • Available in M2 extension version: 2.2.0 
  • Available in M1 extension version: 1.4.0 

If your Magento orders are generally placed by a reseller, you will see that all orders are created against the reseller contact in Brightpearl. However, the order record will have the reseller listed as the billing name and address but the end customer as the delivery name and address.

One of the features of the Magento integration is that changes to customer details are recorded on the contact in Brightpearl, but you do not generally want that to happen in the case of a reseller. To ensure the reseller details are maintained on the contact in Brightpearl, use the "Export order" interaction settings to configure the extension so that it doesn't update contact details.

Magento order channel

Orders in Brightpearl are assigned a channel to help you identify where the order came from for reporting purposes.

Magento orders can be segregated by Magento account, website, store or store view so that you can be as detailed as you like in your reporting.

Magento bundles on orders

If the order contains a bundle, what is seen in Brightpearl depends on how bundles are set up. Learn more about bundles with Magento.

The bundle is managed in Magento

With this method the simple products are created in both Brightpearl and in Magento, and then the bundle is formed in Magento. An order for the bundle will only show the simple products, or the components, on the order in Brightpearl.

The bundle is managed in Brightpearl

With this method the simple products are created in Brightpearl and in Magento as well if they are also sold separately. The bundle is created in Brightpearl and another simple product is created in Magento to represent the bundle. In this case, an order for the bundle will show only the simple product on the order in Magento, but the order in Brightpearl will show the bundle and all its components.

Magento order SKUs and item names

A Magento order created in Brightpearl will show the Magento product name, even if the product of matching SKU in Brightpearl has a different name. This ensures that all the correspondence that a customer might receive from either system uses a consistent name.

Magento gift messages

Gift messages can be activated at a product or order level in Magento. Gift messages will be recorded on the order in Brightpearl using a custom field. The custom field is created in Brightpearl at Settings > Custom fields > Sales. It must be of type TEXTFIELD to be connected to Magento. Select this custom field in the extension configuration at Interactions > Brightpearl > Configuration > Interaction: Export orders (Magento 1) or Brightpearl > Brightpearl integration > Configuration > Interaction: Export orders (Magento 2).

Magento product custom options on an order

If you are using custom options on your Magento products, these details will be included on the order row when it is downloaded into Brightpearl.

Magento order row prices

The prices applied to an order created in Brightpearl are taken from the Magento order, regardless of what the price list in Brightpearl says the item costs.

Magento discounts, promotions and coupons

The prices shown on the order in Brightpearl will be those provided by Magento for the order. Any discounts will be applied to each order row.

Discounts can be applied in several ways, such as:

  • Shopping cart discounts
  • Coupon codes

When an order with discount is downloaded into Brightpearl, the line and order totals will be created as they appear in Magento.

If a coupon code is used, customization mapping can be used to pull the code into Brightpearl. Learn more about customization mapping.

Note: If you are using discount extensions these may not be supported by the Brightpearl Magento extension. If you do not see discounts applied to the order in Brightpearl as you expect, please contact us.

Magento order tax

The tax value assigned to an order row in Brightpearl will be the tax amount calculated by Magento. The tax code assigned to the order row in Brightpearl is assigned using Brightpearl's tax rules.

Learn more about tax rules for VAT mode here, and for sales tax mode here.

Magento foreign currency orders

The Brightpearl Magento extension can be set to download foreign currency orders in the currency they are placed, or they can be converted into your Brightpearl base currency (should be the same as your Magento base currency).

Brightpearl currently only handles base currency payments, so all payments will be converted to base currency when they are downloaded.

Magento order comments

If order comments have been added in Magento, those will be captured in the Brightpearl order notes and payment history.

Magento selling gift vouchers

Gift cards and voucher products are supported only for Magento Enterprise which contains standard functionality. Extensions can be installed on Magento Community for handling gift cards and vouchers but are not guaranteed to be compatible with the Brightpearl extension.

Magento products must be of type "Gift card".

Tax configuration

Gift cards should be set up in Magento as not rated products, as the tax is charged when the gift card is used not when it is purchased.

Accounting for gift cards

The sale of gift cards should usually be accounted for as a liability rather than a sale. To ensure this happens in Brightpearl, select the gift card nominal code at Settings > Company > Accounting: Account (nominal) codes. It is usually a liability code.

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