In Brightpearl, a warehouse represents a collection of locations in which physical inventory is stored, like a stock room in a retail store, or a physical warehouse.

They are associated with an address, which is generally the postal address for the purpose of shipping goods to and from that warehouse.

Every Brightpearl account has at least one warehouse, but it is possible to create more.

Activating multi-warehousing 

To activate multi-warehousing, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Stock settings.
  2. Select 'Multiple warehouses' to 'Yes':
  3. Save your changes.

Warning: Once multi-warehousing has been enabled, it's not possible to turn it off.

Creating warehouses

To add a warehouse:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Warehouses.
  2. Click Add Warehouse.
  3. Enter a name and contact details for the warehouse.
  4. Click Save.

You can then start to receive inventory into the warehouse.

You may want to set up locations in your warehouse before adding inventory - learn more about locations here.

Tip: Add as many warehouses as you need, but don't get carried away! Managing inventory across multiple warehouses adds effort. If your "warehouses" are actually in the same physical location, consider using a set of location codes in one warehouse instead, e.g.:
W1.xx.xx.xx - Warehouse 1
W2.xx.xx.xx - Warehouse 2

Watch a video

Learn how to activate the multi warehouse feature, and how it affects various workflows in Brightpearl.

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