Serial number tracking

Brightpearl does not have a dedicated method of handling serial numbers, but it is possible to use some of the built-in functionality to track the buying and selling of products with serial numbers.

Purchasing items with serial numbers

When purchasing items with serial numbers, add the products to the purchase order as normal:


Then, at the point when the items are received in, edit the product description to include the serial numbers received:


Alternatively, set up a purchase order custom field in order to insert the serial numbers:


Learn more about custom fields here.

Selling items with serial numbers

When an order is placed for an item with a serial number, the item will be added to the order as usual:


At the point when the item is being packed, the serial number can be added to the item description:


Or, alternatively, added to a sales order custom field:


Learn more about custom fields here.

Searching for serial numbers

To look up a sale containing a product using a certain serial number, go to Sales > Recent sales. Click "Show filter", and enter the serial number into the search box, making sure to check the checkbox in order to search the body of the orders rather than the headers:


(Ensure the date range is wide enough too!)

If stored in a custom field, on the filter, click 'Add filter' and set the filter to search for your custom field:


Then click 'Filter' to bring up your search results.

To find the purchase order where a specific item was bought, repeat this exercise under Purchases > Recent purchase orders.

Limitations of serial number tracking

Brightpearl cannot:

  • Let you see which serial numbers you have in stock
  • Check for serial number validity or re-use

For more complicated workflows it may be necessary to handle serial number tracking outside of Brightpearl.


Learn how to record serial numbers on orders using Brightpearl so that you can track the purchase and sales history. Useful for warranty audits, for example.

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