Custom packages

Custom packages are a function of an ecommerce store that allows a customer to pick specific SKUs to buy together at a fixed price. For example, a package could be a t-shirt and a hat, where the customer can choose which size of t-shirt and what color of hat.

A custom package is a flexible way to sell multiple items at a fixed price.


Brightpearl does not explicitly support custom packages. This document serves as a guide to understand how they might download into the system, and how to process them.

Custom packages on ecommerce sites

On an ecommerce store, the custom package may appear as a single item containing descriptions of the products within, or as an order with the individual products listed out.

Custom packages as a single item

In the situation where a custom package is treated as a single item, it is likely that the order will download into Brightpearl with a single line item with a description of the package.



If the custom package's SKU is generic, the only way to handle these orders would be to manually add the components of the package onto the order once it's downloaded.

However, if each combination of the custom package has its own separate SKU, these can be created in Brightpearl as bundles. Then, when the order downloads, the single SKU will be treated as a bundle parent and the components will be added automatically - the same as any bundle.


Custom packages as a list of products

In the situation where a custom package is treated as a list of the components, it is likely the order will download into Brightpearl with each component on an individual line. The price may be spread out against the components, or it may be recorded against a miscellaneous row.



These orders can be processed and fulfilled without any manual intervention.


Learn how to set up custom package builders on an ecommerce store to ensure you can fulfill and ship orders from Brightpearl. Includes information about how to link eBay and Amazon packages to Brightpearl products.

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