Product customization (printing, engraving, etc.)

Product customization is the process of modifying products on a per order basis. For example, printing an image onto a product, custom engraving, or paint jobs.

Product customization is not pre-printing, building or engraving stock in bulk (assemblies), nor is it combining inventory tracked components into a kit (bundles).

Brightpearl does not have a dedicated method of managing customization but there are some techniques you can use to handle it.

Manual orders

For manually-created orders, the easiest way to handle customization is to edit the item description to add in any customization information:


The order can then be saved, and when the work order is printed, the extra details will be available on the template.


If there is an extra charge for the customization, it is possible to handle that by adding a line item to the sale. It can be linked to a non-stock tracked product for easy reporting, or just be entered as a miscellaneous row:


Custom fields

It is also possible to create sales custom fields to capture details about customization.

Learn more about sales custom fields.

Orders from integrated channels

When orders download from integrated channels which support customization, generally the customization is stored as a custom product attribute.

Typically these download into Brightpearl with extra information in the item description, though for some channels, the information could be mapped to a custom field - the specifics will depend on the channel involved.

The orders would be processed in the same way as manual orders.


How to manage inventory in Brightpearl when you customize a base item, such as printing on a garment or engraving on a pen.

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