Product custom fields

Product custom fields are product attributes that can be entirely customized to suit your needs. They allow you to extend the information you store on a Brightpearl product or service beyond the core fields provided. 

Custom fields can be:

  • Freeform text
  • Numeric only
  • Select list
  • Text area
  • Yes/no
  • Date

Learn more about the basics of custom fields.

Custom fields are located in their own tab on a product record. They can then be split down into further tabs. Here's an example of what they might look like on the product screen:


Fields can be configured to be "required" which means they need to be filled in before a product can be saved in the Brightpearl interface, whether that is on product creation or when updating the product.

Configure custom fields at Settings > Custom fields > Products.

Where you can use product custom fields

Custom fields are useful for adding extra segmentation to your product database, since they can be used as filters on the product list.

  • They can be added as columns on most product-centric reports (such as the sales detail report)
  • They can be added to order and goods out note templates
  • All custom fields can be read and updated via the API using GET and PATCH calls.

Video of product custom fields

This video covers:

  1. How to set up custom fields to use on products
  2. How to filter by custom field
  3. How to add custom fields to your templates
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