Customer and vendor custom fields

You may encounter a situation where there is extra information about your contacts which you need to capture, but which don't fit into the standard fields provided by Brightpearl. To capture this information you can use custom fields.

Customers and vendors have separate sets of custom fields.

Learn more about custom fields here.

How to create customer or vendor custom fields

  1. Go to Settings > Custom fields and choose Customer or Vendor (supplier).
  2. Click to create a field, and fill out the form. You can add fields into existing tabs, or create a new one at this point. Every field needs to be within a tab for display purposes.

Custom fields are given codes, eg _PCF_MEM01_ which are used on document templates.

Customer fields can also be added to smart forms.

Tip: You can choose whether a customer custom field is available for customers to view and update on the customer web portal. 

Using customer or vendor custom fields

Grouping custom fields

Custom fields can be grouped into tabs within the contact record for easier management (in the screenshot below the tab is "Examples"):


Custom fields and reports

You can use custom fields as filters on the customer and vendor (supplier) lists:


Click on "Show filter", then click "Add additional filter" to filter by custom field.

You can also add custom fields as configurable columns on the customer and vendor lists by clicking "Show filter" then "Configure columns".

Tip: After adding custom fields as a configurable column, you can export the customer or vendor list to export the contents of the custom fields.

Displaying custom fields on templates

You can display custom fields on any document template that uses a customer or vendor (such as an invoice, delivery note, purchase order, etc.):


To do so:

  1. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates and click into the template you wish to edit.
  2. Enter the custom field code widget in the required location on the template. The widget will always take the form of _PCF_[custom field code]_.


Customer custom fields can be updated using an automation action, via the Automation app:




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