What is intrastat?

Intrastat is the name given to the method of collecting information and producing statistics on the movement of goods between Member States of the European Union (EU).

Movements of goods between EU member states are called arrivals, or acquisitions; and dispatches, or removals (rather than imports or exports as these terms instead define trade with countries that do not belong to the EU).

All VAT-registered businesses, regardless of their intra-EU turnover, must show the total value of goods dispatched to other EU member states on their VAT Return.

In addition, those who trade in the EU above either of the Intrastat exemption thresholds must also complete monthly Supplementary Declarations (SDs). The annual thresholds are £1.5 million for arrivals and £250,000 for dispatches.

Larger businesses that trade above the Intrastat delivery terms threshold of £24 million must also specify delivery terms information on their SDs.

Intrastat should not be confused with EC Sales lists which are used to collect information on all sales from UK VAT registered traders to VAT registered traders in other EU Member States.

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Intrastat reporting in Brightpearl

An intrastat report can be built in Brightpearl using custom fields, configurable columns and a preset view on the sales detail report. This will provide all the data you need to complete your intrastat.

How to build an intrastat report

  1. Create a custom field on your products for "Commodity code".
  2. Update your products to assign them the relevant commodity code, this can be done using a Product Import.
  3. Go to Reports > Sales detail .
  4. Use the filters to configure the columns. Be sure to include the following columns:


    Commodity code (the custom field from the products)

    Delivery country

  5. Save the filters as a new preset view called "Intrastat".
  6. Export the results to Excel and use Excel filters to exclude any items sold outside of Europe and not relevant to intrastat.
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