Goods-out note / delivery note templates

A template is used for printing goods-out notes with a customized layout, such as including address labels. Multiple templates can be created and automatically selected for creating goods-out notes based on where the order came from or what shipping method is being used. 

You can design your own goods-out notes to use your company logo, display your company address, the delivery address, a product table and much more. It's all done with templates.

Which template?

A default goods-out note template is defined against channel brands. The channel brand connected to the order sales channel will be used for the associated goods-out notes. If no sales channel has been set on the order then the template from the default channel brand is used. The template can also be manually selected if printing a single goods-out note.

Goods-out note templates can also be set against shipping methods. If the goods-out note shipping method has been assigned a goods-out note template then it will automatically be applied. If there is no shipping method, or the shipping method has no template set, then the sales channel is used to select the default goods-out note template from the channel brand.


The channel brand connected to the order sales channel defines the company logo and details which are used such as business name and address. This allows branding to be applied to documents based on the channel from which the order came. If the order has no sales channel then these details are taken from the default channel brand.

Sample templates

We've prepared a few templates to fit common integrated label sheets (A4 only at the moment). Click the links to view the HTML, you will need to copy and paste it into the content in the "HTML mode" view of the template editor screen. Put the paper into your printer so that the labels are at the top!

Delivery Note Double Label - 13556

Delivery Note Double Label - 14643

Delivery Note Single Label - 10708

Delivery Note Single Label - 13695

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