Adding and creating sales orders

All orders need to be created in Brightpearl to ensure accurate inventory, sales and accounting data.

Orders are created in Brightpearl through different methods:

  • Manual entry
  • Imported from a spreadsheet
  • Cloned manually
  • Brightpearl POS
  • Downloaded from integrated sales channels

Creating an order manually

A new order can be started by looking up an existing customer, or by adding a new customer.

Products and services can be added to an order by looking up the name, SKU or product ID and miscellaneous charges can be added by typing manual order rows. The products which can be added to the order must have a status of "Live" or "Discontinued" and must be within the current season (if active).

Pop-up messages can be added to customers and products to create alerts that appear when creating creating orders manually.

For example, when a credit customer is on hold a message can be added to the customer record which will alert the user to the reason if a new order is attempted, or a sales message can be added to a product that will be discontinued after all the existing stock is sold, warning the user not to place any of the product on back order.

How to add a quote or order

  1. A new order can be started in one of the following ways:

    Quick add icon > Sale
    Sales > New Order, then search for the customer
    Select New Sale on the contact mini tabs wherever they are displayed in the system:


  2. The order is created on the status defined at Settings > Sales > Sales workflow. Update the order status as needed to indicate what stage the order is at in your sales cycle.
  3. Add items to the order in any of the following ways:

    Begin typing your product/service name or SKU into the Item code field directly on an order row and select the item from the displayed results to add it to the order. Add more rows using the Add row link.

    Click the Batch add price list items link to search and add multiple items in one go.


    Add a free-text miscellaneous item by typing the item details directly onto the order row. This could be a shipping cost or a discount (negative price).


  4. Click the Save changes button to save the order.

Importing sales orders using a spreadsheet

Sales can be imported into Brightpearl using a spreadsheet.

To import sales, go to Settings > Data/Import > Import orders. You can build a data map in order to identify what fields are being imported, then use the map to import a spreadsheet in the .xls format.

Learn more about importing sales orders here.

Copying sales or quotes (cloning)

A quote or order can be copied and used for the same or a new customer - the quote or order is first cloned and then customer can be changed.

How to clone a sales order

  1. Enter the sale you wish to clone and click the arrow next to the 'Save Changes' button:
    or click the 'Copy' button in the 'Actions' column under Sales > Recent Sales:

  2. Apply the settings on the next screen:
    The fields are:
    Section Field Description
      Create copy as

    Choose between:

    • Sale
    • Credit
    • Purchase order

    If selecting 'Purchase order', also choose a vendor (supplier) to assign to the purchase order. 

    Original Add comments? If 'Yes', a note will be added to the 'Notes and payment history' tab on the original sales order, stating the sale was cloned to a new order.
    Set status to Choose the order status to set the original order to after cloning. This defaults to the sale's current order status. 
    Delete original?

    This setting can only be set to 'Yes' if the original order is unpaid, uninvoiced and unfulfilled.

    If set to 'Yes', it will delete the original order.

    New Add comments? If 'Yes', a note will be added to the 'Notes and payment history' tab on the new sales order, stating the sale was cloned from a previous order.
    Set status to Choose the order status to set the new order to. This defaults to the original sale's current order status.
    Link to original?

    If 'Yes', a link will be added to the header of the sale linking back to the original sale.


    Deliver to

    Choose between:

    • Customer's address
    • A Brightpearl warehouse

    This determines the delivery address of the new order.

    Multi-clone Every X days / Every month If cloning the sale multiple times at once, choose what dates to set the new sales to. e.g. you may choose 'Every month' if cloning to create subscriptions.
    Clone X times Choose how many copies to make. 
    At end, create activity for / Activity title Use these fields to create a task dated the same day as the last sale. 
    Zero price items on cloned sales Choose whether to set the price on the cloned sales to zero. 
  3. Click 'Clone now'. You will be taken to the new order.

POS orders

Brightpearl POS orders will automatically download into the Brightpearl back office. They generally do not require processing in back office since they will be completed automatically by processes performed in the POS app.

All POS sales will automatically be assigned to the relevant sales channel for identification and reporting.

Learn more about Brightpearl POS here.

Downloading orders

Orders from connected sales channels (such as eBay, Amazon or a website) are automatically downloaded into Brightpearl so that they are all processed in the same way from one centralized location.

A sales channel can be connected using a native Brightpearl app, a third-party developer app, or a private/custom built app.

Orders are automatically assigned to the channel from which they came, allowing you to prioritize and report on them as required.

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