Seasons can be used to manage products which are sold only during a particular period, for example spring/summer or fall/winter.

A season can be used year-on-year or might be used only once, for example, where product ranges are updated every year - new SKUs are created and the previous SKUs made obsolete.

Activating seasons

Before you can create seasons, the feature needs to be activated within your account.

How to activate seasons

  1. Go to Settings > Products / Inventory > Inventory settings
  2. Select  Yes  against option  Product Seasons
  3. Click  Save changes

Creating seasons

You can create as many seasons as you need, whether they change year-on-year or are only used once.

How to create seasons

  1. Go to Settings > Product / Inventory > Seasons
  2. Click Add season
  3. Give your season a name and description - the description field is provided for recording extra information such as last order deadline, delivery dates, etc.
  4. (Optional) Enter your season from and to dates - this is for internal information purposes only and does not limit the season in any functional way.
  5. Click Save season

Order seasons

Seasons are assigned to orders so that it is only possible to add products from that season.

Orders are automatically assigned to the "current season" selected at Settings > Products/Inventory > Inventory settings  - preventing items selling from a past or future season. It is possible to manually edit the season on an order, which might be used when taking pre-season orders for example.

Product seasons

Products can be assigned to one or more seasons. This can be done from within the product record, using the batch processing buttons on the product list or using the product import.

Note that seasons are not applied to POS sales since these sales depend upon what the customer brings to the till. A season restriction could block a sale.

Reporting on seasons

To see which items have sold in a certain season, use the  Sales analysis by product  report filtered by season. It is possible to filter by the season on the order record, or the season set on the product record.


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