Exporting products and inventory levels

Exporting the product list

Go to Products > List products/services.

This is the best place to get a full list of all products, whether they are in stock or not.

  • To export details of default warehouse locations, filter the list by warehouse.
  • To export prices, select the relevant price lists in the filters. You can also export price lists (just SKU and price) from the price list screen.

You are given all the available product fields (including custom fields). There is no need to configure columns before export.

Exporting the inventory summary report

This is the list of all items you have in stock, with all locations for that item combined into one row per SKU. It shows the total cost value of the inventory.

Go to Products > Inventory summary.

Exporting the inventory detail report

This is the best place to get a full list of all in-stock items including the warehouse location the items are recorded as being stored. It shows a separate row for every location and received batch, with the cost price of that batch.

Go to Products > Inventory detail.

Exporting the low inventory report

This report can be exported, and will contain details on all products which are low on inventory based on the minimum stock levels (or re-order thresholds).

Go to Products > Low inventory report.

Learn more about the low stock report here.

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