Brands and collections


Brands are another way to categorize products in Brightpearl. They are intended to differentiate products sold between different lines and are particularly useful for businesses who resell products from a wide range of vendors.

Every product in Brightpearl must have a brand.

Adding brands

Brands can be added to the system individually or while uploading products.

To add brands individually, go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Brands and click "Add a new brand".

To create brands via import, make sure to select the 'Create missing brands' option on the import options screen:


Read more about importing products.

Assigning brands to products

You can assign brands to a product in several ways:

  • On the product edit screen
  • When importing products using a spreadsheet (as above)
  • Using the batch action "Set brand" on the product list:


Collections can be used to group together products by brand, perhaps for seasonal sales such as "Summer collection" or a particular design of print. Each brand can have multiple collections.

Note: Collections can only be used to filter the product list.

Creating & assigning products to collections

Collections can be added at Settings > Products/Inventory > Collections.

Once created, products can be assigned one at a time to a collection by selecting it within the product record. Items can also be added to collections in bulk by using a product import.

Each product can be assigned to a single collection at any one time.

Deleting brands and collections

Both brands and collections can only be deleted if there are no products currently assigned to them.

To delete a brand, go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Brands, and click the delete icon next to the relevant brand: mceclip0.png

To delete a collection, go to Settings > Products/Inventory > Collections, and click the delete icon next to the relevant collection: mceclip1.png

Reporting on brands

"Brand" is available as a filter on any report containing product filters, such as Sales detail and Sales by channel. There is also a dedicated Sales by brand type report, found under Reports > Sales by brand.

This report follows the same format as other sales analysis reports, using brand as the variable to report on.

Read more about sales analysis reports.

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