Things to be aware of with eBay

"Buy it now" & "Commit to buy"

An order is downloaded to Brightpearl as soon as the customer hits "Commit to buy" or when they choose to "Buy it now". This is important so that Brightpearl can reserve the inventory for this customer. Even though they haven't yet paid the item has been promised to them. By downloading the order the inventory will be immediately allocated. The updated on hand quantity will be synchronized across all integrated sales channels preventing the item (potentially the last item) from selling to someone else.

Watch out for...

The customer hits "commit to buy" on multiple items creating multiple orders

Although eBay are phasing this functionality out, it is still possible for buyers to commit to buy an item without paying. Since an order is created at the point the customer clicks the "commit to buy" button, it will immediately download into Brightpearl. Where the customer clicks "commit to buy" multiple times; multiple orders will be created and downloaded. It is not possible to merge these orders. They must each be processed as individual orders in Brightpearl in order for the separate orders to be marked as shipped in eBay. If the orders are manually combined in Brightpearl then the separate orders on eBay will need to be manually marked as shipped. Further to this, the customer can still pay for the orders all together, but we will will not download the payment to Brightpearl. In this case the payments will need to be allocated manually against each order.

How to reduce the occurrence...

Currently the best way to minimize the occurrence of these issues is to encourage buyers to use the shopping basket/cart and checkout. Orders placed via the shopping basket/cart will download into Brightpearl as a single order.

"Request total from seller"

If a buyer chooses several items, all from the same seller, they can request a new total. This can be used when they wish shipping costs to be combined for example.

When using the cart/basket

At the point the customer requests the total, an order is created and downloaded into Brightpearl with the prices displayed at that point. This means that any discounts offered to the buyer will need to be manually entered onto the order in Brightpearl.

When using "commit to buy"

If the customer has been using the "commit to buy" option, rather than adding the items to the cart/basket, then separate orders are downloaded into Brightpearl at the point of committing (as described above). When the customer requests a total, all the items are combined into a single order on eBay, but remain separate in Brightpearl. Unfortunately Brightpearl doesn't have the ability to merge sales orders. Once this occurs, any updates to the order in eBay will not be transferred to Brightpearl. In this case any discount will need to be manually added into Brightpearl (on just one, or split between the orders), any updates to delivery address will not be downloaded and the payment manually allocated across the orders.


We recommend not using auction style listings with Brightpearl. However, you will see auction listings downloaded into Brightpearl and they can be connected to products. When the auction ends and an order is received it will successfully download to Brightpearl where you can ship it as normal.

Watch out for...

Listings cannot be edited

It is not possible to edit an auction listing from within Brightpearl. This includes listing details as well as SKU.

Inventory updates are not sent

Since an auction is where customers can bid for a single item the listing has no quantity. When the item sells or the auction ends the listing is ended.

Price updates are not sent

Since it is an auction there is no set price. The price the item sells to the highest bidder.

eBay Global Shipping Programme (GSP)

Brightpearl supports the eBay Global Shipping Programme (GSP). An eBay distribution center will be set as the order delivery address to ensure your goods-out notes and shipments automatically go to the correct place. 
If the GSP order has both domestic and international leg, and domestic leg is not $0, the domestic shipping cost will be captured on the order, since this is the amount that the buyer pays to the merchant. International shipping leg cost will not be captured in Brightpearl. 

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