FAQs about eBay

Integrating Brightpearl and eBay

I have multiple eBay accounts, can I integrate them all?

Yes. A new account can be added in Brightpearl for each separate eBay seller account you have.

My eBay account is not in the UK or US, can I still integrate with Brightpearl?

Yes. Select the country in which your account is held during the setup process in Brightpearl.

I list on multiple eBay sites using the same eBay account. Will Brightpearl work with those listings and orders?

Yes. The account only needs to be integrated once and all your listing for all sites will download and can be connected to products and the relevant price list.

Which countries are supported? Which eBay sites are supported?

This is a list of all the eBay sites you can connect to Brightpearl in order to synchronize inventory, prices and orders:

  • eBay Australia
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Belgium_Dutch
  • eBay Belgium_French
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Canada French
  • eBay France
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay Hong Kong
  • eBay India
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay Malaysia
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Philippines
  • eBay Poland
  • eBay Singapore
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Switzerland
  • eBay UK
  • eBay US
  • eBay Motors


Can I connect multiple listings to a single Brightpearl product?

Yes, but only one listing per eBay store can be connected automatically. Additional listings (such as for international listings) will need to be manually connected.

Relisted products get a new eBay ID number. Does this mean I lose the listing history?

Relisted items will lose the "sold" number but they will retain the ranking of the previous listing. If the previous listing had high conversion rates (impressions to sales) and was well ranked, the new listing will inherit this.

What happens if I haven't connected products to listings?

Where an item sells on eBay, the order will always download into Brightpearl. If the listing isn't connected to a Brightpearl product the item will be added to the order as a free text line item, just as if you'd manually typed it in.

This means you can go ahead and process the order, but it won't update inventory levels in Brightpearl, and availability and prices won't be synchronized with eBay. You also won't be able to create a goods-out note for the sale or mark it as shipped, since Brightpearl only recognizes non-stock tracked items on the order.

If this happens you can edit the order in Brightpearl to add the product instead.

How do I enter SKUs on eBay listings?

You can enter SKUs on eBay listings using Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro by adding Custom Labels. Alternatively you can update your listings using a listing tool such as Turbo Lister. If you wish to manually search for and connect a Brightpearl product for each eBay listing, Brightpearl will update eBay with the SKU.

Can I connect auction listings to Brightpearl?

We do not recommend using auction listings with Brightpearl. 

eBay auction listings can be connected to Brightpearl, but there are limitations to the functionality when using auction listings.

The listing will download and can be connected to the product in Brightpearl, but Brightpearl will not manage the price or availability (since it relies on the highest bidder for a single item). When the auction ends the order will download into Brightpearl and allocate the product.

Payments will not download for auction sales.

Can I connect Brightpearl bundles to an eBay listing?

Yes, if you create a bundle of products in Brightpearl which are all part of a single listing in eBay, you can connect the listing to the bundle in the usual way.

When the order downloads it will display the bundle and all the items included within in it. It is also possible to activate bundle tracking on the eBay account setup in Brightpearl to update the listing availability with the theoretical availability of the bundle based on the on hand inventory levels of the products included in the bundle.

How are prices converted for foreign currency eBay websites?

This depends on whether you are passively or actively listing internationally.

For passive listings eBay will convert the base currency prices uploaded from Brightpearl. For active listings you will need to create a new price list in Brightpearl of the same currency.

Syncing data between eBay and Brightpearl

How and when are inventory levels updated on eBay?

The inventory level is sent to eBay as soon as it's connected to a product in Brightpearl. After that Brightpearl will send an update every time the on hand inventory level changes. You can also trigger an inventory update if the listing is disconnected and reconnected to the products in Brightpearl (as long as inventory sync is active on reconnection).

What do I need to do if I add a new item on eBay?

If you list a new item on eBay it will automatically be displayed in Brightpearl on your eBay Listings report. You will need to then connect it to an existing product or create a product in Brightpearl in order to synchronize quantity and price.

What information is synchronized between eBay and Brightpearl?

Brightpearl is able to manage prices, availability, and SKUs where the listing is connected to a product. Orders placed on eBay will download into Brightpearl and shipments and tracking references will be uploaded. Payments are downloaded based on the order status in eBay.

Orders and shipping

How long does it take for new eBay orders to appear in Brightpearl?

Orders will automatically download in near real time. If you want to check for new orders click the Download  link at Sales > Recent Sales.

Will a new customer record be created every time?

Not every time. If an order is received from someone who has purchased before it will pick up their existing customer record in Brightpearl. It can only match the new eBay order to the Brightpearl record by the email address.

Will Brightpearl push tracking numbers to eBay when an order is shipped?

Yes, if you enter a tracking reference against the goods-out note in Brightpearl it will be pushed to eBay when you mark the goods-out note as shipped.

Why are my orders coming through to Brightpearl with no tax?

If you are a UK seller you should set your eBay account to be a business account and specify your VAT registration number. When listing your products on eBay you should set the VAT rate into the field "Applicable VAT rate included in sales price". Alternatively you can bulk edit your live eBay listings by clicking My eBay , in the Seller section view your active listings. Select the items to update and click the Edit button.

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