Linking existing Brightpearl products to eBay listings

When you connect your eBay account to your Brightpearl account, your eBay listings will download into Brightpearl. To allow inventory and price syncing, as well as to make sure your sales orders download with the right products on them, you will need to link your products to your listings.

There are two ways to connect your listings and products:

  • Automatically by SKU
  • Manually

Automatically connecting eBay listings to existing Brightpearl products

When enabled, as long as both your eBay listing and Brightpearl product have the same SKU and that SKU is unique across your product range, listings will automatically connect SKU-to-SKU when your listings first download.

If the setting is not activated, or your SKUs have been changed since the initial listings download, you can prompt Brightpearl to try to connect your listings automatically through the listings page on eBay:

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Listings.
  2. Select the listings to be connected.
  3. Click the Connect by SKU button.

    eBay Connect by SKU no publish

The product must have a price on a price list which is set with the same currency as the eBay listing.

If no relevant price has been set, the product cannot be connected. You will need to manually connect your listing to the product, or give the product a price on the relevant price list.

Connecting variants

When automatically connecting variant listings. the first item will need to be connected manually. The rest of the group can then be linked automatically.

International listings

Items actively listed internationally cannot be connected SKU to SKU. Each one will have to be connected manually as a price list of the relevant currency must be selected for each.

International listings of variants can be connected quickly by following these steps:

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Listings
  2. Find the variants you wish to connect
  3. Expand the variation listing
  4. Select one variant > Click Connect by SKU
  5. Now select the whole listing > Click Connect by SKU

You will find that all of the variants in that listing will auto-connect by SKU. This will need to be repeated for all international variation listings.

Manually connecting an eBay listing to an existing Brightpearl product

This can be used where:

  • SKUs do not match or exist

    Connecting a Brightpearl product with a SKU will update eBay with that SKU, overriding any existing SKU on eBay. If the Brightpearl product has no SKU at all it must be entered during the connection process. If the listing has a SKU, that can be added to the product record.

  • Listings are from a foreign currency eBay site

    Where items have been actively listed on an eBay site other than the one the account is registered with (e.g. a UK seller account where listings have been created on, a price list in that currency must be selected for synchronizing with the listing, and that must be done per listing.

To manually connect eBay listings to Brightpearl products:

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Listings.
  2. Click the connect link below a listing to be connected.

    eBay Search connect no publish

  3. Search for the relevant product to connect. A product will be listed multiple times where it has a price on more than one price list, so it can be helpful to use the price list filter. Ensure that the product displaying the correct price is linked to the listing.

    Note: When connecting international listings, the product must have a price on a price list with the same currency as the eBay listing. If the product doesn't have a price on a price list in the relevant currency, the product will not be displayed and cannot be connected.

    eBay Connect search modal

Note: When auto-connecting variant listings the first item will need to be connected manually. The rest of the group can then be linked automatically.

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