Inventory management with eBay

Inventory sync can be activated on the eBay account set up within Brightpearl. When active Brightpearl will update eBay listing availability. The quantity uploaded is flexible to suit all your needs.

Changes made in eBay will not download into Brightpearl.

See here for information on activating and configuring eBay inventory management

When will inventory be updated?

An inventory level update is triggered at the following times:

  • When the a product is first connected to a listing on eBay (and inventory sync is active)
  • When the on hand inventory level at the chosen warehouse changes due to sales order allocations, inventory corrections, receiving items on sales credits, purchase orders or warehouse transfers
  • When the listing is disconnected and then reconnected to the product in Brightpearl, and inventory sync is active on reconnection
  • A full eBay stock sync can be triggered manually from the eBay settings page. Note that this bulk sync action is limited by eBay to 4 full syncs per day. 
  • A full daily stock sync will also be run automatically by Brightpearl, which will help to maintain inventory levels for virtual stock that has not moved. This also provides a fallback mechanism should any inventory updates fail for any reason during the day.

The quantity will update on eBay in near real time.

Inventory and price sync on connection

During the implementation of eBay with Brightpearl you may choose to deactivate synchronization of prices and inventory until the set up and connections are completed and you're ready to start using it. It is worth noting however, that changing the synchronization settings later on will not automatically and immediately update eBay, so eBay could potentially still be displaying items, which in Brightpearl, are out of stock.

Prices and inventory (when active) are automatically sent to eBay when the listing is first connected to a product and then only when inventory levels / price change. So if the synchronization of prices and/or inventory is activated after the listing and product are connected the updates will happen naturally as subsequent changes happen in Brightpearl, or they can be manually triggered.

Using the Sell Feed API

As a part of eBay's changes to their API, customers must perform an additional step to ensure their bulk inventory updates can still be processed. This must be done by the end of May 2022.

  1. Go to Channels > select your eBay channel > Settings.
  2. In the Settings modal, scroll down to the Inventory section. Go to the Bulk inventory update option and click Authorize use of Sell Feed API.

  3. You will be redirected to eBay. Log in to your eBay account.
  4. Once you have logged in, the authorization will be complete and you can return to Brightpearl. Now your eBay settings modal should display an option to run a bulk update:

What quantity is uploaded?

There are several settings which control the availability of a listing:

  1. All on-hand items
  2. Maximum quantity - "limited to ___ items per listing"
  3. Minimum quantity - "minimum of ___ items per listing"

A minimum quantity can be set as well as using option 1 or 2. This table indicates what quantity will be synchronized with eBay depending on the setup options used:

Option Min qty set? on-hand > min qty On-hand > Max qty Quantity synced
All on-hand items No - - On-hand quantity
All on-hand items Yes Yes - On-hand quantity
All on-hand items Yes No - Minimum quantity
Maximum quantity No - No On-hand quantity
Maximum quantity No - Yes Maximum quantity
Maximum quantity Yes Yes Yes Maximum quantity
Maximum quantity Yes Yes No On-hand quantity
Maximum quantity Yes No Yes Minimum quantity
Maximum quantity Yes No No Minimum quantity

Quantity of a bundle

A Brightpearl bundle is not a physical item on the shelf, but a collection of stocked items that can be purchased together for a single price. A bundle in Brightpearl is not stock tracked, but each of the individual items within the bundle can be stock tracked and can have a quantity. There is therefore a theoretical quantity of a bundle which is the maximum number of bundles which could be sold based on the availability of the items included.

It is possible to activate bundle quantity synchronizing with your eBay account, to send this theoretical quantity where a listing is connected to a bundle.


Variant listings on eBay show the availability of each different variant. For each variant listing there must be a product group in Brightpearl, and that group must consist of a product, for each different variant listed, with the relevant option values assigned. Each individual item in Brightpearl has its own inventory level in order to manage the availability of each different variant on the listing.

The inventory sync options used are applied across the whole group.

What happens if a single item goes out of stock?

If one of the variant goes out of stock it will no longer be available to buy through the listing - eBay do not allow out of stock items to be sold. As long as the eBay account has been set to automatically relist items when they come back into stock the item will automatically be added back into the same listing once it becomes available.

As long as at least one of the variants in the group has availability the listing will not end.


Each eBay account integrated with Brightpearl can be linked to one or more warehouses, selected on the sales channel in Brightpearl. The on-hand quantity in this warehouse, or the combined on-hand quantity of multiple warehouses, is used for updating product availability on eBay. An additional warehouse must be selected to specify which warehouse downloaded orders should be assigned to, and therefore from which warehouse the inventory will automatically be allocated. Although only one warehouse can be assigned to an order, it can be shipped from multiple warehouses using advanced fulfillment.

Note: Auction listings are not fully supported. We recommend that auction listings are not used with Brightpearl.

Enabling out of stock listings on eBay

How to activate the out-of-stock-option on your eBay seller account

  1. Log into your eBay seller account.
  2. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences .
  3. Under the Selling Preferences section select Use the out-of-stock-option .


Managing eBay's listing update limit

You can choose to limit real time stock updates to only kick in at critical stock levels, to avoid exceeding eBay’s listing update limits. eBay allows 150 updates per day per listing including variations, which can mean that fast moving listings regularly exceed the daily update limit.

By limiting updates to those most critical, you can use your stock update allocation more efficiently.


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