Overview of the Brightpearl eBay app

The Brightpearl eBay app allows you to integrate your eBay accounts with Brightpearl, enabling you to manage your inventory, prices, orders and shipments in the same place as your other sales channels.


How Brightpearl works with eBay

Brightpearl is connected directly to your eBay seller account. If you have multiple eBay accounts they are all connected separately and managed as separate sales channels. The app is only installed once.

This diagram shows how an order flows through eBay and Brightpearl and what triggers cause updates. You can read a summary about each key area below:


eBay listings and products

eBay listings must be connected to a product in Brightpearl to begin managing the listing availability and price, and to allow products to be added and allocated to downloaded orders.

Listings already in eBay when the app is connected or which are created directly in eBay after the point of connection will download into Brightpearl.

Listings can be viewed on the eBay channel listing report and they can be either manually connected to products or automatically connected to products with matching SKUs.

Note: Auction listings are not fully supported. We recommend that auction listings are not used with Brightpearl.

Learn more about syncing products with eBay here.

Inventory availability on eBay

Once a listing is connected to a product, Brightpearl will send the on-hand inventory quantity to the listing. Inventory updates are made only when the on hand inventory level in Brightpearl changes.

Brightpearl allows you to set minimum and maximum level for your eBay listings to ensure your listing quantity is always within your chosen limits.

Learn more about inventory syncing with eBay here.

eBay listing prices

Multiple price lists of various currencies can be used with eBay in order to manage both domestic and international listings. Once a listing is connected to a product, if the product's price changes on the price list associated with the eBay channel, the change will be reflected in eBay.

Learn more about price syncing with eBay here.

New eBay orders

New orders received via your eBay seller account will automatically download into Brightpearl. Where the purchased item is connected to a Brightpearl product, the product will be added to the order and the inventory allocated to reserve the stock. Remember that allocation changes the on hand inventory level and will therefore trigger an update to the listing and your other sales channels.

There is an option to only download paid orders. Enabling this option means that Brightpearl will capture only the most up to date information on the order and download the final version of the sale into a single order, ensuring items for the same customer are shipped together where they have committed to buy multiple items separately.

Learn more about eBay orders here.

Payments for eBay orders

Payments made against eBay orders will download into Brightpearl. The payment is downloaded once the order is marked as "payment complete" in eBay.

If the order is paid upfront in eBay, it will download and be marked as paid in Brightpearl all in one go. If an order downloads as unpaid (such as with a committed sales) Brightpearl will download the payment once the customer checks out and pays - as long as the item has not been merged into a combined eBay order.

Brightpearl is able to retrieve payments made within seven days of the order being created.

When payments are created it marks the order as paid and creates the sales receipt accounting.

PayPal and eBay fees are not managed by the integration and will need to be manually accounted for in Brightpearl. If you are using the accounting module, this means that a manual adjustment for PayPal fees should be entered. Learn how to enter a manual adjustment for PayPal fees here.

The process is similar to accounting for fees for other sales channels. You will need to check your PayPal account to see how much PayPal charged in fees and then enter a manual journal to reduce the bank account and increase your PayPal fees expense account. You can do this as frequently as you like, such as weekly or monthly.

Learn more about eBay payments here.

Tax on eBay orders

Brightpearl will assign and apply tax codes to downloaded orders based on rules built into the integration. These automatically applied tax codes can be edited directly within the Brightpearl order record.

eBay customers

Every order in Brightpearl is created against a customer record. A record will be created for new customers. If a customer record with the same email address already exists in Brightpearl the order will be created against it, and no new record is created.

A new eBay customer record will be created in Brightpearl using buyer first and last name provided by eBay, and their eBay username will be recorded in the aliases section of their record.

Cancelled eBay orders, refunds & returns

Cancellations, refunds and returns are not managed by the integration. The customer will need to be refunded via PayPal or as instructed by eBay, and the order cloned to a sales credit in Brightpearl to record the return of goods, refund and changes to revenue/income.

Learn more about how to manage cancellations here, and returns here.

Multi-currency eBay listings and sales

International listings can be created on eBay in two ways, both of which can be managed by Brightpearl.

Passive listing is where a single eBay listing is created and offers international shipping. In this case a listing is created on your domestic site using your base currency price list. eBay will then convert this price depending on which shipping locations are offered and they will make the item searchable on the relevant eBay sites.

Active listing is where listings are created specifically for a particular international eBay site. There can be multiple listings for the same product, each for a different site. In this case Brightpearl will require a price list of each currency you are listing in, and Brightpearl will manage those prices on eBay.

Foreign currency sales will download into Brightpearl in the currency in which the order was placed and then be converted into your base currency for accounting, using your system exchange rate. The payment will be converted using the same exchange rate.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) for eBay

If you are fulfilling eBay orders using FBA you can still connect your eBay account with Brightpearl.

You should use a warehouse in Brightpearl to record the items and inventory managed by Amazon, and assign this warehouse to your eBay channel - this warehouse will also be used on your Amazon channel.

When an order downloads from eBay it will allocate the stock from the FBA warehouse. Brightpearl will not push the order to Amazon - this will need to be done manually by entering a fulfillment order within your Amazon seller account. However, there are applications which can automate this for you and which will also connect to Brightpearl, such as ShipStation.

Although you won’t need to actually ship the items, the order must be marked as shipped in Brightpearl to trigger the update to eBay. Shipments from the FBA warehouse can be filtered out from any other shipments from your main warehouse to ensure they are not printed, pick and packed.

Supported eBay Sites

This is a list of all the eBay sites you can connect to Brightpearl in order to synchronize inventory, prices and orders:

  • eBay Australia (excluded tax on downloaded orders)
  • eBay Austria
  • eBay Belgium_Dutch
  • eBay Belgium_French
  • eBay Canada
  • eBay Canada French
  • eBay France
  • eBay Germany
  • eBay Hong Kong
  • eBay India
  • eBay Ireland
  • eBay Italy
  • eBay Malaysia
  • eBay Netherlands
  • eBay Philippines
  • eBay Poland
  • eBay Singapore
  • eBay Spain
  • eBay Switzerland
  • eBay UK
  • eBay US
  • eBay Motors
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