Customer and vendor reports

The customer and vendor lists can be used to create customized lists of data which can be used for reporting needs or downloaded into Excel for analysis.

Customize your customer and supplier lists using filters, configurable columns, filters and preset views .



Field Description
With tags

Filter on contacts which have a set of tags.

The filter will bring up contacts with any of the tags selected.

e.g. Selecting "VIP" and "Sports customers" will bring up contacts which have either tag, not just both.


Choose from:

  • Created date: Contacts created between two dates
  • Last ordered date: Contacts who placed their last order between two dates
  • Last contacted date: Contacts who were last contacted ("touched") between two dates
Price list Filter for contacts assigned a specific price list.
Account (nominal) code Filter for contacts assigned a specific account (nominal) code.
Trade status

Choose between:

  • Retail
  • Trade
  • Unknown

Learn more about trade statuses here.


Filter on contact status.

Learn more about contact statuses here.

Created by Filter for contacts based on the staff member who created them.
Country Filter for contacts based on the country of their default address.
Lead source

Filter filter for contacts assigned a specific lead source.

Learn more about lead sources here.

Owner Filter for contacts owned by a specific staff member.
Team Filter for contacts assigned to a specific team.

There are also various options for searching. Learn more about searching for customers and vendors here.


Field  Description
Company The contact's company name.
First name The contact's first name.
Last name The contact's last name.
Email address The contact's default email address.
Telephone The contact's default telephone number.
Email address 2 The contact's secondary email address.
Email address 3 The contact's tertiary email address.
Telephone 2 The contact's secondary telephone number.
Mobile The contact's cell phone number.
Fax The contact's fax number.
Role The contact's job role.
Owner The staff member set as the contact's owner.
Street The street of the contact's default address.
Suburb The suburb of the contact's default address.
City  The city of the contact's default address.
County/State  The county/state of the contact's default address.
Postcode  The postcode of the contact's default address.
Country The country of the contact's default address.
Tax code The tax code assigned to the contact.
Account (nominal) code The account (nominal) code assigned to the contact.
Credit limit The contact's credit limit.
Credit days The contact's number of credit days.
Credit term type The contact's credit term type, either "net" or "net EOM".
Price list The price list assigned to the contact.
Status The contact's contact status.
Lead source The contact's lead source.
Bank account The contact's bank account number.
Bank sort The contact's bank account sort code.
Tax number The contact's tax number.
Salutation The contact's salutation.
Currency The currency assigned to the contact.
Last contacted The date the contact was last contacted ("touched").
Date created The date the contact was created.
Service level The contact's service level.
Trade account The contact's trade status.
eBay username The contact's eBay username.
Skype The contact's Skype alias.
Website The contact's website URL.
Mailmerges Whether the contact has the "Receive newsletters" setting set to "Yes" or "No".
Custom fields Any contact custom fields can be added to the report.
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