Contact timelines

The contact timeline keeps a chronological history of activity related to the contact.

The timeline can be seen at an individual contact level and a company level.

The company level will show all activity from all contacts at the company. To view the timeline at a company level, open an individual and click on the company name.

A range of information can be shown on the timeline:

  • Activities and tasks
  • Tickets
  • Emails (including copied email from your own systems via the Mail Store app)
  • Order updates
  • Accounting transactions
  • Status changes
  • Notes and calls


The timeline is where you'll be working most with a contact as you develop and manage the relationship.

Working with the timeline

Viewing further information

If an item on the timeline relates to an order, accounting entry, activity or ticket, there will be an option to click into the relevant item.

Adding notes

You can add a note to the timeline by clicking "Add note" on the top left-hand side of the timeline.

This opens a box where you can enter your note (or select a QuickNote). You can also:

  • Choose whether the note relates to an incoming call, an outgoing call or whether it's just a note
  • Attach a file
  • Link the note to a project


Learn more about contact notes here.

Filtering the timeline

You can filter the timeline by a specific kind of information by clicking "Display options" on the top right-hand side of the timeline.

From there, you can select what kind of timeline items you wish to view. The timeline updates in real time as you select or deselect options.

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