Contact tags

Tags are used to group and categorize contacts for reporting. They are also used by the MailChimp apps for uploading and segmenting contacts.

Creating and editing tags

Tags can be created in the following ways:

  • Manually
  • During a customer/supplier import
  • Via API / apps

Tags can be nested under a parent tag for grouped reporting.

How to create or edit a tag

  1. Go to Settings > Contacts > Tags.
  2. Click the Add a new Tag button or click the pencil icon next to any existing tag to edit it.
  3. Enter a tag name and specify whether it should be grouped under another tag.
  4. Assign the tag a colour.
  5. Click Save tag.

Assigning tags to contacts

Tags can be used on customers and vendors. They can be added to contacts in several ways:

  • Manually on a contact record
  • Manually on batches of contacts
  • When the contact is created using a SmartForm
  • When contacts are imported

In batches on the following reports:

  • Sales analysis by customer
  • Customer list
  • Supplier list
  • Accounts receivable/aged debtors
  • Accounts payable/aged creditors
  • Customer invoice list

How to add or remove a tag on a contact

  1. Search for the contact.
  2. A tag can be added directly on the list of contacts, or from within the contact record. Click the Add a tag link and select the relevant tag.
  3. To remove a tag click the cross directly on the tag.

    add tag

  4. Select the tag name.
  5. To remove it you can click the cross next to the tag.

How to add or remove tags in bulk

  1. Select the batch of contacts, orders or invoices, depending on the report being used.
  2. Use the batch processing buttons, or dropdowns to Add tag or Remove tag and then choose which tag to add or remove.

    add tag bulk

Reporting by tag

The following reports can be filtered by tag:

  • Customers list
  • Vendor/supplier list
  • Sales list
  • Sales analysis reports
  • Accounts receivable/aged debtors
  • Accounts payable/aged creditors
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