Amazon customers

All sales orders in Brightpearl must be associated with a contact. When an Amazon order is downloaded into Brightpearl, the system checks to see if a matching contact exists. If it does, the sale will be associated against that contact, and if no match is found a new contact will be created.

New customers

When an order downloads from Amazon, some customer details are provided so that a record can be created for them. Amazon only provides a limited amount of information:

  • Buyer's first and last name (if both are listed on the customer's Amazon account)
  • Buyer's email address (generated by Amazon, unique per user marketplace)
  • Buyer's delivery name and address
  • Telephone number (not provided for FBA orders)

Note: For FBA orders, the full delivery address is only provided for tax reporting purposes. Amazon prohibits all other uses of this data. Non-PII parts of addresses can still be processed. See below for further details.

The customer will automatically be assigned to the price list selected on the Amazon marketplace set up in Brightpearl.

Existing customers

If the customer has purchased from you via Amazon multiple times in a 30 day period, Brightpearl will only create one contact record to assign to those sales.

New sales will be assigned to the existing customer record by matching the customer's email address against the Email, Email 2 and Email 3 fields.

Once the last sale placed by the customer exceeds that 30 day period, the contact details will be obfuscated and a new customer record will be created for any further orders placed via Amazon.

Customers buying on multiple marketplaces

Since each marketplace gives the customer a different Amazon email address, a new customer record is created per marketplace through which they buy your products.

Amazon Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Amazon's Data Protection Policy requires Amazon customers' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to be obfuscated after it is no longer necessary to fulfill orders.

This means that 30 days after an Amazon order is fulfilled or cancelled, any PII on the customer record and associated orders will be removed.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Area Contents to be obfuscated
Order and contact record information
  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address line 1 and address line 2
Goods out notes, invoices and accounting journals
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Full address
Order payments
  • Customer name
Order gift message custom field
  • Gift message content

The contacts are identified as any contact associated with an order that is assigned an Amazon channel.

Please check out Amazon’s Data Protection Policy page for more information on what is and isn't included.

Example of obfuscated data

Below are examples of how an order will display once the PII has been obfuscated:



Note that only the city, state and country remain on the address field.

Merging duplicated customers

There may be times where you recognize a customer (from Amazon) who has purchased from you through other channels or through separate Amazon Marketplaces and you have a duplicated customer record for them.

It is possible to merge these records into one, but it is not recommended as the PII data of a contact linked to an Amazon order will be obfuscated 30 days after the Amazon order is fulfilled or canceled.

For example:

  • A customer places two orders, one via Amazon and one via Shopify. Two contact records are created.
  • You merge the contact records together.
  • Now in Brightpearl there is one contact record that has a history containing both the Shopify and the Amazon order.
  • After 30 days, the Amazon buyers' data (buyers that are linked to Amazon channel orders) will get obfuscated.
  • Because the contact records have been merged into one, the data on the new, single contact record will be obfuscated because Brightpearl is looking for customers associated with any orders assigned to an Amazon channel.

Updating / changing customer details

If a customer places an order, updates their details on Amazon, then places a second order, the new order will still be assigned to the original contact record (assuming it was placed within 30 days of the previous order). 

Any updated details won't update the contact record in Brightpearl, but changes to the delivery address will be reflected on the new order. 

If the customer’s Amazon email address is changed or removed from the Brightpearl record a new customer record will be created, as Brightpearl uses the Amazon email address to check for existing contact records.

Communicating with customers

Amazon provides only the Amazon generated email address which ensures any communications with the customer goes via their content control. No marketing preferences can be obtained from Amazon.

Amazon are keen to ensure all communication with their customers are of a high standard, and if an email is sent to the Amazon generated email address via Brightpearl it is likely that it will not be received by the customer. All communication should be sent through Amazon Seller Central.

Amazon will send emails to your customers automatically when they place their order and when the order is shipped. It is not possible to deactivate these.

Brightpearl will also allow you to send shipping confirmation emails (at packing) but since you may only have the Amazon generated email address and they already send one on your behalf, it is not required for Amazon sales.

FAQs about PII

What happens to any Amazon contacts created before the policy change?

For all historical Amazon orders that were fulfilled before the policy change, customers' PII would still have been obfuscated 30 days after the policy came into place.

What about GDPR?

As a UK company, Brightpearl must abide by the requirements of the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Therefore we must furnish you with the data we have collected on your behalf.

You will have an opportunity to export the customer data prior to us deleting it by going to your sales list (Sales > Recent sales) or customers list (Customers > List all customers). Configure columns in the filter if required, then export the reports.

Do you think Amazon is doing the right thing? It’s so inconvenient!

This is definitely the right thing for Amazon to do! Data security and privacy is more important than ever. Amazon is protecting customers’ data on our behalf, and as a result, these policies make e-commerce operations more secure and liability-free. In addition,  Brightpearl is taking an active stance to be compliant with platform policies to prevent any damaging interruption in connectivity with Amazon API for our valued customers. 

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