Amazon orders

IMPORTANT: Brightpearl currently does not support Replacement FBA orders. 

Once you’ve connected your Amazon marketplace new orders will download into Brightpearl.

You will see an order download shortly after you have received a notification email from Amazon to ship the items. Whilst the order is pending in Amazon it cannot be downloaded. Amazon hold the order at “Pending” for around 30 minutes, during this time the customer is able to cancel their order. If it is canceled it will not download to Brightpearl.

The order downloads as unpaid, since Amazon only captures the payment on the customer’s card once the order is marked as “Shipped”.

downloading orders

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) orders

FBA orders will download into Brightpearl and get fulfilled and shipped automatically. Automatic shipping can be deactivated on the channel, this means the order can be manually marked as shipped once Amazon confirm dispatch.

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders

SFP orders can be easily identified using the prime order status or a custom field to create a permanent "prime flag", allowing you to filter those orders out and process them first.


You can choose a special order status for Amazon Prime orders, and you can permanently flag them using a custom field.

But if you are using ShipStation, those orders will be prioritized in ShipStation and will only need to be marked as complete in Brightpearl which can even be done for you with Brightpearl Automation.

To start using ShipStation and Brightpearl to handle your SFP orders simply set your Seller Fulfilled Prime Order custom field and choose to skip the shipment notification to Amazon for those orders - ShipStation will handle that.

Amazon business orders

New Business orders can be easily identified in Brightpearl by using a Yes/No custom field. Create the custom field and select it on the Amazon channel settings.

Business orders are usually accompanied by a purchase order number and a customer VAT number. This number can be captured in a custom field on the order in Brightpearl. Create a freetext custom field and select it on the Amazon channel settings.


New and returning customers

The email address on an order is used to search for an existing customer record in Brightpearl. If a match is found the order will be created against the account. Email address 2 and 3 on a contact are also checked for Amazon orders. If no match is found a new customer record is created for the order.

Products and inventory

Brightpearl products are added to the order and the inventory automatically allocated where it is currently available in on hand inventory. This relies on listings and products being connected.

Unconnected products

If a listing was not connected to a product the item will still be added to the order but only as a free-text line item which is non-stock tracked; this is not connected to a product record or inventory. It is the same as simply writing a miscellaneous line item onto an order. These types of line item cannot be shipped since they are not connected to inventory management. This means that the item availability on Amazon will not be updated and the order line will not be marked as shipped on the Amazon order.

The line item will need to be manually marked as shipped directly in Amazon. If the product does exist you can add it onto the order instead so that your inventory is correct but you will still need to ship the line in Amazon.

Remember to connect the listing to the product for next time!


Where a listing is connect to a Brightpearl bundle, all the items within the bundle are added to the sales order and the inventory is allocated and reserved. This means on hand inventory levels are updated and triggers the new available quantity to be updated on all sales channels.

Shipping method and charges

The shipping method on an order is not set. Any shipping charges are controlled within Amazon and will download as an additional line item on the order.

Gift wrapping, gift messages, and order notes

If the Amazon order includes gift wrapping it will be added to the downloaded order as an extra order row immediately below the product to which is applies, including the applicable charge.

In an order includes notes they will download into 'Notes and payment history' tab on the order.

If an order includes gift messages they will download into a custom field on the order. This custom field must be created in Brightpearl and selected on the Amazon marketplace setup prior to the order downloading. It must be created as a "sales" custom field of type "text area" in order for it be used for gift messages.

The gift message will be prefixed with the product SKU allowing you to match each message to the relevant item on the order.

gift message


Brightpearl will use the integration tax rules to calculate which tax code to apply to order rows.

Nominal codes

When products are added to orders as part of an order download, the product’s nominal code will be used. For shipping line items, your company default shipping nominal code will be used.

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