Connecting Amazon listings

Each Amazon item must exist as a product in Brightpearl so that the listing can be connected to it. The Brightpearl product becomes the master of availability and price.

If a matching SKU exists in Brightpearl at the time the listing is downloaded it will automatically be connected. Where products don't already exist they can be created from the listing.

amazon listing products inventory


Products listed with different variants on Amazon, such as sizes and colors, will download into Brightpearl as separate listings; the parent product is not downloaded. Each will need to be connected to the relevant variant in Brightpearl. As long they use the same SKUs in both Amazon and Brightpearl they will connect up like any other product and listing.


An Amazon listing can be connected to a bundle in Brightpearl. Brightpearl will sync the theoretical availability of the bundle based on the on-hand inventory levels of the components within the bundle. When an order for the listing downloads the bundle and all the components will be added.


If inventory syncing is activated, the on-hand quantity in Brightpearl will be uploaded to Amazon at the point that the listing is first connected; and when the on-hand inventory levels subsequently change.

If the product and listing are connected whilst inventory syncing is off, the on-hand quantity will be uploaded to Amazon once inventory sync has been switched on.

Listings cap 

The limit on Amazon listings per channel has been increased from 40,000 to 100,000 (or a 20mb upload).

Listing level handling times

Amazon handling times can now be controlled at a listing level. To start controlling handling days per listing, record the number of days in a product custom field (numerical) and select the custom field on the Amazon settings. The default handling days will then only be used where no product specific handling days have been set. If you have a single SKU tied to listings in more than one Amazon channel, the recommendation is to have the lead time identical for all marketplace settings in Brightpearl.


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