Connecting Amazon listings

Once Brightpearl and Amazon have been connected, the Amazon listings will display in Brightpearl under Channels > Amazon > Live Amazon Listings.

From here you are able to connect your Amazon listings to your Brightpearl products in order to allow Brightpearl to become the master of inventory availability and price.

If a product with a matching SKU exists in Brightpearl at the time the listing is downloaded, the product will be automatically connected to the listing. If a product doesn't already exist, it can be created from the listing.

It is possible to connect a single product in Brightpearl to multiple Amazon listings, but please note that a product can only be automatically connected to one listing per marketplace. Subsequent listings in the same marketplace will need to be connected to the product manually.

Please note that the FBA reconciliation tool can't be used if multiple FBA listings are connected to the same product.

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A connection can be established in several ways. Use this table to see which options are available depending on whether you have a listing, product or both:

Do you have an active Amazon listing? Does a product exist in Brightpearl? The connection options available are:
  • Automatically connect based on SKU
  • Manually search and connect
  • Create a product from the listing
  • Create the product in Brightpearl, then connect
  • List the product on Amazon then connect it to the product once the listing downloads

It is not possible to publish listings on Amazon from Brightpearl, so you will need to list directly on Amazon and then either use that listing to create the product, or create the product and then connect.

Creating Amazon listings

It is not possible to publish Amazon listings from Brightpearl. You will need to create your Amazon listings directly within your Amazon account.

Once your listings are connected to a product in Brightpearl, Brightpearl will begin to manage the price and quantity available on the listing in Amazon, and when an order is downloaded the product will be added onto the order before its inventory is allocated to the order.

Automatically connecting Amazon listings to Brightpearl products

If an Amazon listing has the same SKU as a product in Brightpearl, that SKU is unique across your product range, and no other listing has downloaded with that SKU, they can be automatically connected.

If the product exists at the point the listing is first downloaded into Brightpearl this connection will happen on its own.

Otherwise you can use the Auto-connect by SKU button from  Channels > Amazon > Live Amazon listings. Select the products you wish to connect, then click "Auto-connect by SKU".

connect listing auto connect

Manually connecting listings

If you are unable to automatically connect a listing to a product in Brightpearl, you can still manually connect it.

Click the "Connect" button next to a disconnected listing to search for the product you wish to connect.

Creating products from listings

If an Amazon listing downloads and there is no corresponding product in Brightpearl, you can create a product from the listing.

Simply click the "Create" button next to a disconnected listing to create the product. 

Inventory syncing

Note that if inventory syncing is active, the current on hand quantity in Brightpearl will be uploaded to Amazon at the point the product and listing are connected. Any changes to the on hand quantity in Brightpearl will then trigger an update to Amazon for any connected listings.

A full inventory sync can be triggered by deactivating and reactivating the inventory sync from within the Amazon marketplace settings in Brightpearl.

Learn more about inventory management with Amazon here.

Editing, deleting and disconnecting products from listings

A listing is visible in Brightpearl as long as it exists in your Amazon seller account, even if it has zero quantity or is inactive.

Listings can be disconnected from Brightpearl products both individually and in batches.

Disconnecting a product will not remove the listing from Amazon; it will still be displayed in Brightpearl, with an option to connect a product or create a new product.

Brightpearl products cannot be deleted once they've had inventory added, but if a product is deleted any associated listing will simply be disconnected.

Disconnected listings

If a listing is not connected to a product then Brightpearl cannot manage the quantity or price on Amazon. 

If an order is received for the item it will still download into Brightpearl, but the product won't be added to the order nor will its inventory be allocated. Instead, the line item will be a free-text/non-stock tracked item. You will therefore not have anything to ship in Brightpearl and will need to manually update the status of the order in Amazon.

You can edit the order in Brightpearl to add and allocate the product to fix the issue for the downloaded order, but ensure sure you connect your product to the listing to ensure future orders download correctly.

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