Overview of the Amazon connector

Brightpearl is connected directly to your Amazon seller account via an app. Amazon listings can be connected to your Brightpearl products, to sync on hand inventory and pricing to Amazon. Orders, payments and fees can be downloaded into Brightpearl, and fulfillment updates can be pushed into Amazon once the orders are processed in Brightpearl.

A description detailing the flow of data between Amazon and Brightpearl. Orders, payments and fees flow from Amazon to Brightpearl, while inventory, prices and shipment updates flow from Brightpearl to Amazon.

Supported Amazon functionality


Brightpearl supports Amazon Europe and Amazon North America seller accounts, which connect to the following marketplaces:

Amazon Europe
  • UK (GBR)
  • France (FRA)
  • Germany (DEU)
  • Italy (ITA)
  • Spain (ESP)
Amazon North America
  • USA (USA)
  • Canada (CAN)

Each marketplace will require a different sales channel in Brightpearl, connected to the relevant Amazon seller account.

Each marketplace can have its own individual configuration.

Supported functionality

The following Amazon functionality is supported:

  • Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) listings
  • Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) listings
  • Amazon Prime (Seller Fulfilled via a shipment management system)
  • B2B orders

Unsupported functionality

  • Subscribe and save
  • Remote fulfillment
  • Amazon Buy Shipping (provided by our shipment management partners, e.g. ShipStation)

Listings and products

After connection, your Amazon listings will download into Brightpearl where they will be connected to your existing Brightpearl products based on their SKU. They can also be manually connected to a product with a different SKU.

New products can be created using Amazon listings if they do not already exist in Brightpearl.

Inventory and pricing

Once your listings have been connected to your Brightpearl products, changes to on hand inventory and pricing will automatically update the listing on Amazon.


Once an order is placed on Amazon, there is a 30-minute window where it is held in a "Pending" state by Amazon. You can configure the connector to download these "Pending" orders or to wait until Amazon has confirmed the order.

When the order downloads, the products linked to the listing will be added to the order and the inventory allocated, reducing the on hand availability.

Tax is calculated based on various tax rules designed into the app, and the tax controls within your own Brightpearl account.


When the order is fulfilled and shipped in Brightpearl, whether in one shipment or multiple, the shipment details including tracking reference, carrier and shipped date will be sent to Amazon.

Dropshipped orders must be manually marked as shipped in Amazon.

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Brightpearl's Amazon connector supports Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). 

A separate warehouse should be added to your Brightpearl account to monitor and account for the inventory being held for you.

No inventory updates are sent to FBA listings, and FBA orders are automatically fulfilled and shipped.

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders

The connector can be configured to use a different order status or a custom field for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, allowing you to filter for the orders and prioritize them. A shipping manager can be used to further help with processing these orders.

Amazon Fulfilled Prime (AFP)

Amazon Fulfilled Prime orders will be treated in the same way as other FBA orders.

Payments and fees

Once the Amazon orders are shipped, the customer's payment is added to your Amazon seller account balance.

Amazon makes regular transfers of your earnings, minus fees, as a lump sum into your bank account, and a payment report is provided to break down the funds and the fees received.

The report downloads into Brightpearl to mark the orders as paid and create the relevant accounting. Fees can be mapped to specific account codes.

Cancellations, refunds and returns

Cancellations are handled differently depending on what stage they're in. Generally the order will need to be cancelled in both Amazon and Brightpearl.

Partially cancelled orders will not download into Brightpearl.

Neither refunds nor returns, including replacement orders, will automatically download into Brightpearl.

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