Trial balance

Your trial balance lists all of your nominal ledger accounts (or general ledger accounts) and the balance in the account. You trial balance must always balance - debits must equal credits. If the totals at the bottom of the report do not balance contact Support immediately.


You can drill-down into any of the account balances displayed on the profit & loss and balance sheet to display a listing of the accounting entries that make up that balance. Any figure that is blue means you can drill-down to further detail. As you drill into figures you'll discover further routes, depending on the account, into order IDs, journals and expense claims. This makes it easy for you to investigate figures. To go back to the original report use the back button on your browser. Or hold down the CTRL key as you drill-down to open it in a new window/tab in your browser.


Being able to export data to Excel allows you to work with the figures in your own way. The export will transfer all the data currently displayed on your screen, ready formatted, into an Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to manipulate the data in your own way, create graphs and save reports to your computer. Click the Export button at the top of the screen, then select to export to PDF or Excel.

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