Trial balance

The trial balance lists all nominal ledger accounts and their balances within a specified date range. Its purpose is to provide an overview of all accounts in one place.

It must always balance - the debit total must equal the credit total.

The trial balance can be found under Reports > Accounts > Trial balance.


Filtering the trial balance


The trial balance has the following filters:

Field Description
Date from, date to Choose the date range to filter the trial balance between.
Exclude year end

Check this box to exclude year end (YE) journals.

This is useful if viewing the trial balance for a closed financial period.

Inc zero balance Check this box to include account codes with a zero balance on the report.
Show map codes Check this box to add an additional column for 'Map code', as defined in the account code settings on the chart of accounts.


You can drill-down into any of the account balances displayed on the trial balance to display a listing of the accounting entries that make up that balance.

As you drill into figures you'll discover further routes, depending on the account, into order IDs, journals and expense claims. This makes it easy for you to investigate figures.

To go back to the original report use the back button on your browser. Alternatively, make sure to open each drill-down in a new tab or window.


Being able to export the trial balance to Excel allows you to work with the figures in your own way.

The export will transfer all the data currently displayed on your screen, ready formatted, into an Excel spreadsheet. Click the Export button at the top of the screen, then select to export to PDF or Excel.

Troubleshooting the trial balance report

I am looking at my current financial period and the balance sheet numbers are wrong

When you complete the year end process, a journal is posted to transfer the profit for the year from the income statement into the balance sheet.

However, no opening balances for the new period are posted. The balances are instead calculated using all entries posting to the balance sheet codes.

In order to get a complete view of your current financial period, you must filter the trial balance to display entries from all time to the present day. If the previous financial periods have been closed, you do not need to do anything further.

However if previous periods are still open, you will need to adjust the values of the income statement codes. Alternatively you can view the balance sheet and income statement separately and combine the two reports outside of Brightpearl.

The trial balance is imbalanced

The trial balance must always balance. If it is imbalanced, it is usually due to an error that occurred when a journal was posted, or an error with your account configuration.

There is a detailed guide to investigating imbalanced trial balances here.

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