Remittance advice

A remittance advice is a document that you can send to your supplier when you make a payment.

It will give your supplier a breakdown of what the payment covers, such as invoices and credits. This ensures your supplier is able to mark these invoices and credits as cleared on their own system so that when they send you an account statement it will match up with the details that remain outstanding on your supplier account in Brightpearl.

A remittance advice can be sent by email at the same time as recording the payment against the supplier via the payment allocation screenIt uses a standard template.


A customized remittance advice can be emailed, printed or re-printed from the supplier's financial history. Every purchase payment (PP) type transaction will show a link allowing you to create the remittance document.


Customized remittance are created using a template; allowing you to edit the design and layout. You may choose to create different versions which will allow you to choose which one you want to use each time (via the financial history screen only).

How to print / email a remittance advice

  1. Search for and open the supplier record.
  2. Click the Financial History link within the Financials box on the right-hand side.
  3. Use the filters to search for the payment (type = PP) for which the remittance is required (the most recent payments are displayed first by default).
  4. When the relevant payment is displayed, click the Print remittance action on the right-hand side.
  5. The remittance is displayed using the default remittance template, titled "Payment remittance". Use the links at the top to select another template, edit the template, or email or print the document.
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