Navigating Brightpearl


Each time you sign into Brightpearl you will be taken to your homepage. The customizable Dashboards provides an overview of your company activity across sales, accounts, helpdesk and products, all in one place.


You can set your homepage to be any other screen in Brightpearl, this can be useful if you always navigate to a particular area or perform the same process on signing in.

Set your own home page

To set any screen as your homepage first navigate to that screen. Once the screen you want is displayed, scroll right to the bottom and click the Set as home page link. A green message box will be displayed to confirm it has been updated. The next time you sign in you will be taken directly to that screen.

You can return to the Home Dashboard at any time by clicking on the Home icon on the far left of the menu bar.

If you've changed your Homepage but want to revert it back to the Homepage Dashboard, paste this link into the URL after '.com': /dash2.php?dash_id=dash_home. You'll be taken to the original Dashboard - now set this as your Homepage.


The setup area is where you can control and create all the details you need in order to fit Brightpearl to your processes. To navigate to the setup area click on the Settings link at the very top of the screen. The settings screens are organized into sections, click on the headings on the left-hand side to expand the menu and then make your selection. Make sure you click the Save changes button before leaving a screen.

Quick search

You can easily search for records within different areas of Brightpearl by using the Quick Search. Find the Quick Search box in the top right-hand corner. First select the area of Brightpearl you want to search, enter your search term then hit enter or click Go.

quick search

What search terms can I use?

Here are details of what terms you can use to search on in each area of Brightpearl:

Record type Search terms
Sales Order ID, invoice number, customer name or company name
Purchases Order ID, invoice number, supplier name or company name
Customers/Suppliers Contact ID, account code, company name, first name, surname, street (address line 1), postcode, email address (full address required)
Accounting Amount, order ID, invoice reference
Products Item name, SKU, barcode
Tickets Ticket number, ticket title
Activities Activity title

Quick add

The Quick Add button is available on screen where ever you are in Brightpearl, helping you to work faster.



Notifications are displayed on the notification bar on the left-hand side of the screen. These notifications refresh every 5 minutes.

Click on notification icons to view details and then click to drill down to a list of the records. Here's what they all mean:

  • Contacts

    Notifications are dependent upon the reminder days set on contact statuses. A contact on a status with reminder days will pop-up as a notification when the contact remains "untouched", that is to say that no communication has been recorded on the contact (emails or notes added with a type of incoming or out-going call).

  • Sales

    Sales (quotes, orders, invoices) will show as a notification when they have been "untouched" for the number of reminder days set against the sales status.

  • Purchases

    Purchases (quotes, orders, invoices) will show as a notification when they have been "untouched" for the number of reminder days set against the purchase status.

  • Accounting

    You will be notified of both sales and purchase invoices as soon as they are overdue; based on the invoice payment due date.

  • Tasks

    You will be notified of tasks as soon as they have gone over their due date.

  • Tickets

    Notifications display immediately for any helpdesk tickets that remain unclaimed by a staff member.

Notifications can be enabled or disabled under Settings > Other > Notifications.

Contact shortcuts - links and mini tabs

The contact bubble is a short-cut to viewing customer or supplier account information. It is accessed by clicking on the small arrow by the company name:


It displayed what we call the Mini Tabs and these represent some of the information sections available within a customer or supplier record. These tabs are displayed all throughout Brightpearl to provide quick access to contact information, for example, when creating orders or invoices.

Email addresses

It’s possible to simply click on an email address and begin writing an email to someone. When it is sent it will be recorded against the contact timeline.


Look out for extra actions by clicking on the drop-down arrow on save buttons.

save button

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