Magento 2 extension release notes

2.1.1 September 2017

Brightpearl: 2.1.1

[NEW] #115 Map order comments in Magento to Order notes in Brightpearl

Order comments added in Magento will be captured in the Brightpearl order notes and payment history tab.

[FIX] #118 Support Magento version 2.1.8

[FIX] #127 Unescaped strings break config mapping rows

Framework: 2.0.7

[FIX] #118 Support Magento version 2.1.8

2.1.0 August 2017

Brightpearl: 2.1.0

[NEW] #53 Support for custom order field mappings

It is now possible to map Magento fields to Brightpearl order custom fields to capture extra information. Read more about customization mapping

[NEW] #84 Adjust menu name for Brightpearl module

[NEW] #113 Include Magento2 app channel types on import settings

[FIX] #105 Payment method map not being respected when a default nominal code is set

[FIX] #107 Complete ACL support

Framework: 2.0.6

[FIX] #107 Complete ACL support

[FIX] #106 Report cannot unserialize carriage return data

[FIX] #104 Add test support for framework integration modules

[FIX] #114 Incorrect dependency on phpunit in production environments

2.0.7 June 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.7

[NEW] #101 Diagnostic support for Webhooks

2.0.6 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.6

[FIX] #89 Numeric sku is being processed as 0 by the module

[FIX] #95 Support "shipping_discount_tax_compensation_amount"

[FIX] #90 FTL error during bulk stock import

2.0.5 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.5

[FIX] #87 Reconciliation row appears on orders with a discount

Framework: 2.0.5

[NEW] #88 Remove echo statements for M2 Code Sniffer compliance

2.0.4 May 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.4

[FIX] #85 Webhooks failing and respond with 404

[NEW] #68 Magento code sniffer compliance

Framework: 2.0.4

[FIX] #77 Report elapsed time is always zero

[NEW] #68 Magento Code Sniffer compliance checks

2.0.3 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.3

[NEW] #44 Shipping reconciliation requires a cron trigger

The shipping reconciliation can now be set to run on a cron job.

[NEW] #50 Add phone number to customer contact details

The customer phone number will now be recorded on the customer record in Brightpearl.

[FIX] #41 Remove test infrastructure account and urls

[FIX] #35 Price import interaction not respecting enabled state across websites

2.0.2 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.2

[FIX] #26 Rework of realtime stock check trigger

[NEW] #37 Shipping method map requires regex support

[FIX] #39 Address data not exporting from the module correctly due to missing country code

Framework: 2.0.3

[NEW] #26 Rework of realtime stock check trigger

2.0.1 March 2017

Brightpearl: 2.0.1

[NEW] #9 Mechanism to configure SSL strictness for MITM attacks

[NEW] #4 Add support for http auth

[FIX] #25 setup:di:compile error: incorrect dependency in class

[FIX] #20 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Brightpearl\Model\Queue\Payment\Observer contains 1 abstract method

[FIX] #21 setup:di:compile error: [Zend\Code\Exception\RuntimeException] No tokens were provided

[FIX] #16 setup:di:compile error: Warning Rows\Bundle\Total::_getRowTotal()

[FIX] #20 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Brightpearl\Model\Queue\Payment\Observer contains 1 abstract method

Framework: 2.0.2

[NEW] #2 support for admin order placed context

When an order is created in the admin panel it will trigger the real time order export.

[NEW] #7 Adjust default sort order of interaction log grid

[FIX] #25 setup:di:compile error: incorrect dependency in class

[FIX] #23 setup:di:compile error: Class Hotlink\Framework\Model\Config\Installation contains 2 abstract methods

[FIX] #17 setup:di:compile error: Abstract method not implemented in Hotlink\Framework\Helper\Html\Form\Filter\Magento

[FIX] #18 setup:di:compile error: Class 'Varien_Data_Form_Element_Abstract' not found

[FIX] #22 setup:di:compile error: Hotlink\Framework\Html\Form\Environment\Parameter\Filter\Magento\Product abstract method

[FIX] #24 setup:di:compile error: Hotlink\Framework\Model\Processing\Data\Identifier\Magento\ProductFactory does not exist

2.0.0 March 2017

[NEW] - Initial beta release of module

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