Import Shopify products

You can import products from Shopify into Brightpearl.

This can be done in bulk:


  • Click on Import Products in the bar along the top of the Brightpearl app and follow the on screen instructions 

Or it can be performed on just the products you want:


  • Just tick the box next to the products you'd like to send to Brightpearl, click the 'Bulk actions' button and then choose 'Import Selected Products'

Shopify fields mapping

The following table contains a list of which Shopify fields are imported, and to which Brightpearl field they are mapped.

Shopify field Brightpearl field
Product type Product type
Name Name
Barcode Barcode
Sell price Price on the channel price list
Option name
(up to 3)
Option value Option value
Weight Weight
Vendor Brand

Cost prices will need to be added to the products in Brightpearl separately, as Shopify does not have a concept of cost prices.

Shopify 'collections' are not imported, but all products imported from Shopify are added to a Brightpearl category called 'Shopify products'.

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