Brightpearl Automation conditions overview

Conditions are used to qualify orders; actions are only performed on an order once it meets all of the rule's conditions. Conditions therefore allow you to limit the changes Automation makes to the specific scenarios that you choose.


For example, you may wish to only fulfil an order once it is fully paid and the inventory is fully allocated. In this scenario, 'fulfil' is your action and 'fully paid' and 'fully allocated' are your conditions. A sales order will need to meet both of these conditions for the action to be applied.

It is possible to set conditions to 'is' or 'is not', where the former requires the condition to be true and the latter requires it to be false.

Sales order conditions

The following attributes of a sales order can be used as conditions:

Customer conditions

The following attribute of a the customer record can be used as a condition:

  • Customer tag

Please note: This condition currently supports a maximum of 200 tags in the account.

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