Receipt format

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A receipt is made up of the following elements:

  • Receipt header
    • Logo from the store's channel brand
    • Store’s details, as specified by the user in the receipt template
    • Transaction (actual sale) date and time stamp 
    • The re-print date and time stamp is additionally shown if the receipt is reprinted
    • Receipt number
    • Cashier
    • Store name
  • Receipt body
    • Purchased or refunded items for each line:
      • Item name
      • Quantity
      • Unit price
      • Total price
    • Promotions, discounts and coupons applied
    • Subtotal 
    • Savings (appears only when savings are > 0)
    • Tax
    • Total
    • Payment method and amount
  • Receipt footer, as specified by the user in the receipt template.

Sales receipt example


Sales receipt with promotions and discounts example


Sales receipt reprint example


Refund receipt example


Exchange receipt example




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