Store credit in POS

Brightpearl POS allows you to manage store credit. This means you can process credits and returns and leave the money on the customer account to be used to pay for a new sale now, or later.

Issuing a refund using store credit

  • NOTE: You must have ‘Store Credit' enabled on your store settings.
  • Either generate the refund from the original order or add the refunded products to the basket.
  • Assign an existing customer to the basket or add a new customer.
  • Tap the 'Pay' button.

  • Adjust the 'Amount to Tender' that you want to issue to store credit.
  • Tap the ‘Store Credit’ payment method button.
  • If the full refund wasn't issued then issue the remaining balance of the refund to another payment method.

Using store credit balance for payment

  • NOTE: You must have ‘Store Credit enabled on your store settings.
  • Add products to your basket.
  • Assign a customer to the basket.
  • Proceed to the checkout screen.
  • If the customer has an available store credit balance to use then the balance available will show on the ‘Store Credit’ payment method.
  • Adjust the 'Amount to Tender' that you want to pay using store credit.

  • Note that the amount to tender must the same or less than the available store credit balance otherwise the Store Credit button will not be available.

  • After completing the transaction the order will post to back office and reduce the customer’s store credit balance.

Viewing the store credit balance on a customer account

  • Search and add the customer to the basket.
  • Tap the name of the customer that was added to the basket.
  • Tap ‘View/Edit'.
  • The Store Credit balance is shown on the top right.

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