The Brightpearl Community - Your Retail Forum

The Brightpearl Community forum is the place in which our customers, partners and staff interact, discuss, and share their experiences with Brightpearl and the retail world with each other. As long as it’s related to Brightpearl or retail, no subject is out of bounds!

We provide the framework for the Community by way of topics, but the rest is up to you! As such, Brightpearl staff will not be jumping into each and every discussion as we are aware how valuable opinions and thoughts from peers are. The Brightpearl Community is just as much yours as it is ours. As members of the Brightpearl Community you can:

  • Engage in discussions with other customers and partners.
  • Speak with Brightpearl staff from all over the business.
  • Get the answers to questions from their peers and our partners.
  • Give us feedback on the products and service we provide.
  • Share tips and best practices from other front-end users.
  • Build professional relationships and even business ventures.

Plus the really great thing is that if you’ve ever raised a Support ticket, you’re already a Community member! If you’re new to Support, sign up for a free account which is your passport to the Community and puts you in touch with our friendly, helpful Support team.

There’s a bounty scheme too! Every month the most prolific Community users will be our Community Champion and Community Hero; winning prizes including free account healthchecks, additional users, trials of new Brightpearl products and free and heavily discounted consultancy and training packs!