Retail Analytics | Marketing Deepdive

The Marketing Deepdive allows you to examine relations between KPIs concerning your organization's marketing activity.

Read about the KPI summary found at the top of the dashboard in the Marketing Homepage article.

KPI deepdive

View two charts side-by-side, choosing which KPI is displayed in each, how that data is split and the type of chart to use, providing a large degree of flexibility in choosing which data to display and how to display it.


  • KPI: Choose from any of the marketing KPIs.
  • Split: Segment the data by marketing channel type, group or individual channels, by country or by store (i.e. sales channel). If choosing one of the more granular views, it may be useful to apply a filter to the dashboard too, e.g. split by channel and filter by channel group.
  • Chart type: View as a bar chart showing totals for the primary range (in blue) and compare against period (in orange), or a line graph showing change over time for the chosen period.

Examples of useful comparisons

View one KPI in different chart types. For example, it may be insightful to view total revenue by channel on the left and revenue by channel over time on the right, i.e. showing fluctuations over the same period.

Alternatively, view two different KPIs for the same period and in the same chart type. This allows you to examine how one KPI relates to another, such as ad spend compared to sessions.



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