Filters in Retail Analytics

In Brightpearl Retail Analytics, the filter options can be found at the top of each dashboard. The available filters vary depending on the metrics displayed in each dashboard.

Date filter

Read about the filtering by date here.

Marketing Channel

  • Channel Type
    Filter by either 'Paid' or 'Non-Paid' marketing channels.
  • Channel Group
    Choose to display results for a particular group of marketing channels:
    • Affiliates
    • Direct
    • Display ads
    • Email
    • Influencers
    • Marketplace
    • None
    • Offline
    • Organic search
    • Organic social
    • Other
    • Paid search - branded
    • Paid search - generic
    • Paid search - shopping
    • Paid social
    • Referral
    • Unknown
    • Untracked eCommerce
    • Video ads
  • Channel
    Filter by a specific marketing channel.

Campaign name

This filter is only available in the Paid Search and Paid Social dashboards. It allows you to filter by your Google Ads and Facebook campaigns.


The store filter is used to filter by the Brightpearl sales channel.


For order-related metrics such as revenue and average order value (AOV), the country filter relates to the order's shipping address.

For traffic-related metrics such as sessions, this is the country captured by Google Analytics.

Product Category

Use this filter to show metrics related to a specific product category. This filter uses reporting categories from the product record in Brightpearl, so ensure you have these set up correctly.


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