Shiptheory: Using Shiptheory

Your Shiptheory dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you can find all labels that are ready to print and any shipments that have had problems with them.

You can access the dashboard by clicking on your name on the top right-hand side of every page, then clicking "Dashboard".



You can search for orders by customer address, customer name or the reference/order ID number.


From your dashboard, you can view your shipments and print labels.

View shipments

From your dashboard, you can select View from the Action dropdown:


This will show you the current details for that shipment - customer address, selected carrier, and shipping method to be used. If you are using shipping rules, then the carrier and shipping details would have been automatically selected for you.

If you have chosen not to set up shipping rules, then you can choose the carrier and shipping method you wish to use ready for printing your label.

Print labels

From your dashboard, you can select Print from the Action dropdown:


If you need to create your shipping labels manually (when not using shipping rules, for instance), then you can even bulk print your labels using the Actions > Print dropdown. Select the orders you wish to print labels for, then select "Print".


Please note that customer postcode is a mandatory field when printing labels.

Updating Brightpearl orders to be marked as shipped

Once you’ve printed your labels, Shiptheory will mark that order as complete:


If you have asked Shiptheory to update your Brightpearl order to shipped, then the order will be marked as shipped at this point.


Additionally, all and any actions performed by Shiptheory (including any errors) will be added as a note to the Brightpearl order:


Retry shipments

If you have changed any details on the shipment, then you will need to select Retry from the Action dropdown:


This will prompt Shiptheory to send the updated details to the carrier, generating a new label.

ID numbers used in Shiptheory

Throughout Shiptheory, you will find ID numbers like the one below:


This ID number is the Brightpearl order ID, followed by the Brightpearl goods out note ID. The Brightpearl Support team might need you to provide them with this for any troubleshooting you require them to do.

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