Shiptheory: Shipping rules

You can set up shipping rules that allow Shiptheory to automatically send goods out notes to your carriers for you depending on certain conditions. There are no limits regarding how many shipping rules you can create and use. These shipping rules are mapped to your Brightpearl shipping methods.

You can create these by selecting Shipping Rules from your settings dropdown, then clicking Add new rule to start creating them.


Carriers and services

Each rule must have a carrier and a service selected, so Shiptheory knows which one to apply to shipments that meet the conditions you set.


Rule options

Each rule you create can consist of any combination of the below.

Like-for-like shipping method matching

You can use shipping rules to map your Brightpearl shipping methods to Shiptheory.

Each shipping method you want to map will require a new rule.


Maximum/minimum weight

It is possible to use the weight of the shipment as a condition. For example, you may want all shipments between 5 and 30 kilograms to be sent with a specific carrier delivery service.


Maximum/minimum value

It is possible to use the monetary value of the shipment as a condition. For example, you may want all shipments between £10 and £20 to be sent with a specific carrier delivery service.


Destination rules

Rules can also be used to set carrier shipping methods based on the destination of the shipment. You can explicitly include countries and continents from rules by selecting them in the list.


You can also add postcodes or postcode ranges in your shipping rule.

If you would like to be able to ship to all postcodes, then you should leave this blank. However, if you will only use this service to ship to the Highlands in Scotland, then you should add the relevant postcodes into the box.

You can use an asterisk (*) to act as a wild card, and use a hyphen (-) to specify a range. For example, entering "BS*" will include all postcodes which begin with "BS", while entering "BS2-5" will include BS2, BS3, BS4 and BS5.



If you do not set up any shipping rules, or if your goods out note is not covered by one of your rules, then your goods out notes will be ignored when sent to Shiptheory (indicated by an Ignored status):


In this situation, you can create the shipping label manually by selecting the carrier and shipping method details.

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