Shiptheory: FAQs

Billing and subscriptions

For information on how to pay for the Shiptheory app, please contact your account manager.

Help and support

For most queries, you can contact Brightpearl Support to receive the help you need.

However, for any help with setting up carriers in Shiptheory, please contact Shiptheory directly so that they can point you in the right direction.

Frequently asked questions

I used to use the DPD/Interlink/Parcelforce/Royal Mail (DMO) automation integration apps. How do I migrate over to using Shiptheory?

You will need to follow the setup and configuration guide to connect Brightpearl to Shiptheory. If you need any help with this, please contact Brightpearl Support.

Which carriers does Shiptheory integrate with?

You can find a list of the carriers Shiptheory integrates with on their website.

This list is always being expanded, so if you do not see a carrier you wish to use on the list, please do get in touch with them to submit your request.

When trying to create a shipping label manually, it has failed. Why is this?

Check that you have filled in all of the mandatory fields, such as customer address (including postcode). If you find that there are address details missing, then you should update these details and retry the goods out note in Shiptheory. 

You should also use the Shipment History to identify what might have caused the shipment to fail. This can be found at the bottom of the screen when viewing any shipment.


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