Navigating Benchmarking

When logged into Brightpearl Retail Benchmarking, the left hand panel is used for navigation.


  • If your user account is associated with more than one company, you can switch between organizations by selecting the dropdown where your email address and the name of your current organization is displayed.
  • Home. This menu item takes you to the Benchmark Report Summary. This report displays the organization's key metrics as well as graphs showing YOY marketing spend change, monthly CAC by marketing channel and total traffic by marketing channel. 
  • Connectors. Connect and authenticate new data sources, delete previously connected sources and generate the benchmark report. Read about setting up connectors here.
  • Reports. This is where you can view the benchmark report, a snapshot of the organization's performance alongside an average from industry datasets.
  • Settings. Create new users and new organizations. Note that it isn't currently possible to update the configuration of your organization such changing the vertical or base currency. Contact support if you need to update these settings.
  • Definitions. A handy glossary defining some of the metrics displayed in the benchmark report.
  • Logout. Log out of your account.
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