Batch updating contacts

Batch processing of contacts allows you to update multiple contacts in one go.

Using the batch processing options, you can update fields such as the contact status, a custom field or their trade status. You can also produce documents, merge contacts, delete contacts and add or remove tags.

It is possible to batch update contacts by going to Customers > List all customers or Vendors > List all vendors.

Filter the reports to display the contacts you wish to update.


A description of what can be updated is below.

Add note

Clicking "Add note" allows you to add a note to each contact's timeline.

A modal window will open where you can enter the note (or select a QuickNote template), then click "Add note" to update the contacts.


Send email

Clicking "Send email" allows you to send an email to up to 25 contacts at once. A modal window will open where you can enter a subject and message or choose a template to email. You can then click "Send email" to send the email.


Send SMS

Note: You need to integrate your Brightpearl account with Clickatell in order to send SMS messages.

Clicking "Send SMS" allows you to send an SMS to multiple contacts at once. A modal window will open where you can enter a message or choose a template to send. You can then click "Send SMS" to send the SMS.


Assign to

Assign multiple contacts to a staff member at once. Clicking "Assign to" will bring up a modal window where you can select the staff member to assign the contacts to.


Delete multiple contacts at once. Clicking "Delete" will display a popup message asking if you're sure. Click OK on the popup to delete the contacts.

You can only delete contacts who have no associated orders or financial records. Deleted contacts cannot be restored.


Merge two contacts together.

Learn more about merging contacts here.


Clicking "Labels" opens a separate tab displaying the default addresses of each selected contact, such that they can be printed out on a sheet of sticky labels.

You can do some basic configuration of the label layout by going to Settings > Other > Labels and editing the values in the "Contact address labels" section:


Set the number of rows and columns to display on your sheet.


Clicking "Letters" allows you to print a letter for each selected contact. A modal window opens asking you to choose a template to use for the letter.


Clicking "Print in new window" opens a new tab with a preview of the letters. You can print them using your browser from this tab.


The "touch" feature marks a contact as having been spoken to, and removes them from the "not contacted in X days" notification on the left of the screen.

More actions menu

The "More actions" menu offers the following additional options:

Action Description
Add tag Add a tag to the selected contacts.
Remove tag Remove a tag from the selected contacts.
Update status Update the contact's contact status. Learn more about contact statuses here.
Update custom fields Update a contact custom field in bulk.
Update price list Set a new default price list for the selected contacts.
Update tax code Set a new default tax code for the selected contacts.
Update account (nominal) code Set a new default account code for the selected contacts.
Update trade status Set the trade status for the selected contacts.
Update "receive newsletters" Set the "receive newsletters" option for the selected contacts.
Set team Assign a team to the selected contacts.
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