Reauthorizing Amazon to migrate to the SP-API

Amazon is updating the way it allows external apps to connect to its services, which means customers will have to reauthorize their Brightpearl connector in order to continue using Amazon.

Merged accounts

If you sell on different marketplaces in the same region, Amazon gives you the option to merge your accounts.

Before reauthorizing Amazon, you will need to check whether your Seller Central accounts are merged.

If you have merged accounts, the Seller ID for all merged accounts and marketplaces in the Amazon region will be the same. This means Brightpearl reuses the authorization for merged accounts, so reauthorization will only have to be done once per region.

If your accounts are not merged, they will each have their own Seller ID and each marketplace will have to be reauthorized individually.

If you have multiple separate Amazon businesses, each with separate Seller IDs, you will also have to reauthorize them individually.

Reauthorizing a marketplace

Checking if you need to reauthorize

You can tell if you need to reauthorize your marketplace if, once you go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Amazon and click the pencil next to your Amazon channel, the Amazon Seller ID displays "MWS" instead of "MWS/SP-API".

If you are unsure whether you need to reauthorize, please perform the reauthorization to be safe.

All accounts which have not reauthorized before the deadline will be contacted, so look out for our emails.

Reauthorizing a marketplace

To reauthorize, follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Brightpearl and log back in, to prevent your session timing out while doing the reauthorization.
  2. Go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Amazon and click the pencil next to your Amazon channel
  3. Click "Reauthorize" below your Amazon seller ID
  4. You will be taken to a page prompting you to log in to Amazon. Log in using your Seller Central details.
    Note: If you are already logged in to Seller Central, you will be taken directly to Step 4. Ensure you are logged in to the correct store.
  5. Select the Amazon merchant account and marketplace relevant to the Amazon channel you selected in the first step.
    Warning: Make sure it's the right marketplace and that you're logged into the correct seller account! If you don't, you will need to reauthorize immediately using the correct details. See the "Reauthorizing the wrong Amazon account" section below.

  6. You will be taken to a page listing the services Brightpearl needs to access. Check the box confirming you are happy to allow Brightpearl access and click "Confirm" on the bottom right-hand side of the page.
  7. You will be taken back to the Amazon channel settings page in Brightpearl, completing the reauthorization. You should now see your Amazon Seller ID in your settings page lists the Amazon region and "MWS/SP-API".

Reauthorizing the wrong Amazon account

If you have reauthorized the wrong Amazon account, your connector may lose its connection to Amazon.

Contact Brightpearl Support immediately to request a temporary rollback. That will let you check everything has been reset correctly, and allow you to pick up the reauthorization process again.

Note: Any orders missed in this time frame and not downloaded within 36 hours will need to be manually added, and you should also run the Bulk Inventory sync (from Channels > Amazon > Settings).

Once Support has rolled you back, go to Amazon Seller Central, then to Partner Network > Manage your apps. Check that the Brightpearl app status is "Active". If the app is "Disabled", enable it. This may result in Amazon prompting you to add your MWS tokens in Brightpearl again (see below).

You will need to do this for all Amazon accounts you connect.

Once the connector's status has been confirmed as "Active", you will need to check your authorization tokens for MWS are still correct. You will need to check both your Merchant Token and MWS Authorization Token, which can be found in Amazon Seller Central:

  • The Merchant Token can be found in the Seller Account Information screen
  • The MWS Authorization Token can be found under "Manage your apps", as a column with a link to "View" it.

Make a note of these for each Amazon account and check that the values are correct for each channel's Amazon settings page in Brightpearl. If they don't match, update the data in Brightpearl and save changes.

Once everything is syncing to and from Amazon correctly, let Support know and we can assist you in retrying the reauthorization process.

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