Checking the customer's credit limit at checkout

Brightpearl POS will check a customer's credit limit during checkout once the following conditions are met:

  • You are processing a sale (Sales Order) in POS
  • A customer has been associated to the basket
  • The customer has a credit limit set up in their profile
  • The chosen payment method is "Pay later" (please make sure that the option "" is set to "Yes" in the POS store's configuration).

Let's see this through an example:

  1. Customer "Cleopatra Fizzani" has a credit limit in their back office profile set to £500.

  2. The customer is added to a sale in POS.
  3. At the checkout, the payment method "Pay later" is selected.
  4. POS checks the customer's credit limit as well as the outstanding credit. If the current payment added to the outstanding credit exceeds the credit limit, a warning message is displayed.
  5. At this point, the payment cannot be completed unless one of the POS managers authorizes it.
  6. If you choose to cancel the on account sale, POS remains at the same screen. The customer will need to reduce their account balance by making a payment.
  7. If a manager approves the on account sale, POS prompts the user to enter their manager's pin code.
  8. The transaction is completed.
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