Introduction to Brightpearl training

Brightpearl offers a product training platform, or learning management system (LMS), designed to help Brightpearl users learn how to use the system.

Users can sign up at, where their training manager can assign them courses to complete and monitor their progress.

Note: The training platform has a separate login to your Brightpearl account and to the help center.

Upon signing up, you will see the homepage, which displays:

  • Suggestions of courses to enroll in
  • Your learning dashboard, displaying how many courses you've completed, how many you have to start, and how many are in progress
  • An activity stream showing you what courses you've been enrolled in

Registering for LMS

To register for LMS, go to and click "Register" on the top right corner of the page.


A modal window will pop up containing a registration form. Fill the form out with the relevant details.

Important: You will need your Brightpearl account ID (the account ID used to sign in to the Brightpearl back office) in order to register.


Training managers

When you sign up to the training platform, you will be asked to provide your Brightpearl account ID. The account ID is used to add you to a group containing all of your colleagues who have also signed up to the training platform.

One staff member will be designated your training manager, and they will be able to enroll you into courses and monitor your progress. They can also add sign staff members up to the training platform themselves.

Learn more about how to use LMS as a training manager here.

Enrolling for courses

You can enroll in as many courses as you like, whenever you like, and you can see a list of all the courses you're enrolled in by clicking into the user menu on the left hand side of the page and selecting "My courses and learning plans".

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A course is a series of lessons focused on one specific topic. Learning plans consist of a series of related courses, curated to provide a complete overview of an area of Brightpearl.

You can be enrolled on both individual courses or on entire learning plans.

Starting and completing courses

To start a course, click into the course from your homepage or your "My courses and learning plans" screen, then click "Start learning now".


Complete each lesson in the course to complete the course.

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