Emailing and scheduling reports

It's possible to use Demand Planner to email reports either individually or on a schedule.

Emailing a report

To email a report, click on the "Account" icon on the bottom left-hand side of the page, then click "Emails":


You'll be redirected to the "Emails" report, which lists the emails that have been sent:


To send a new email, click "New Email" on the bottom left-hand side of the page:


This will open up the new email screen.


The fields are:

Field Description
From The sender's email address
To The email address(es) to send the email to

The email address(es) to copy in to the sent email

BCC The hidden email address(es) to copy in to the sent email
Subject The email subject

Select the report to attach, for the desired:

  • Location
  • Group level (variant, product, category, vendor, brand, total)
  • Filters
  • Date range
  • Columns

Use the "Attach report" button to attach multiple reports.

You can also click the following icons to view the report and download the report:



Set the desired schedule for the automated email, choosing between:

  • Daily
    • Every X days
  • Weekly
    • Every X weeks on one or more specific days
  • Monthly
    • Every X month on a specific day
  • Yearly
    • On a specific day

For each option, you can also choose when to stop the reports.


The body of the email

Once the fields are filled in you will have the option to send a test email.

You can also find an "Email" button on the following reports:

  • Replenishment
  • Overstock
  • Any of the reports in the "Reports" section

Receiving the email

The received email will contain the report(s) in CSV format, and include a link back to Demand Planner where the rule can be amended.


Scheduling and automating reports

Reports only become scheduled or automated once the period is defined within the "Schedule" field. If no schedule is selected, the email will just be a one-off email. When you select a schedule, the following will be automated:

  • Emails will be sent on the selected schedule
  • The scheduled email becomes an automation and appears on the Automations page (Account > Automations)

You can adjust the schedule under the Automations page by clicking the automation's name:


You can also view the automation history by clicking the "Automation History" button on the bottom of the page:


This page includes a list of all changes to your automated emails, as well as a log of every time the automation acted.

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