Shipment management systems and Amazon

You may wish to use a shipment management system with Amazon, particularly when fulfilling Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) orders.

Amazon has some stringent requirements around SFP orders including the need to use Amazon's Buy Shipping services. Several shipping management systems integrate with Amazon's Buy Shipping services directly, enabling you to handle SFP orders using Brightpearl.

Seller Fulfilled Prime orders with ShipStation

To use ShipStation for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders you will need to:

  1. Connect Amazon to ShipStation
  2. Create a sales order PRIME yes/no custom field to flag orders as Prime
  3. Configure the Brightpearl Amazon channel to skip shipment updates for Prime orders and set the custom field.

When a Prime order is received it is created in both Brightpearl and ShipStation. When the shipment is processed in ShipStation and the details are sent back up to Amazon. The order will also need to be completed in Brightpearl but when this is done depends on your workflows and whether printing, picking and packing is managed in Brightpearl or in ShipStation.

Goods-notes created in Brightpearl for Amazon Prime orders will not be sent to ShipStation (they are sent directly from Amazon) and shipment updates for Amazon Prime orders will not be sent from Brightpearl (when correctly configured).

How to configure Amazon Prime with ShipStation

  1. Connect Amazon to ShipStation.
  2. Then in Brightpearl, go to Settings > Brightpearl Apps > Amazon.
  3. Click to edit the Amazon channel.
  4. Ensure that shipment updates are deactivated for Amazon Prime orders - the update will be sent directly from ShipStation instead.
  5. Ensure that a custom field has been chosen for the Amazon Prime flag.


  6. Save the channel settings.
  7. In ShipStation, create an automation rule that will tell ShipStation not to import Prime orders from Brightpearl. Map Custom Field 3 to 'Prime' custom field. 
  8. Create another rule that will cause ShipStation to not import orders directly from Amazon unless they are Prime orders. The rule will look like this:Screen_Shot_2020-03-10_at_4.24.05_PM.png
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