Amending, deleting or reversing order payments

Warning: Editing the accounting related to an order payment will not update the order payment, and will result in issues when reconciling your sales to your accounts!

It is not possible to amend an order payment after it has been entered, so any amendments will involve removing the payment and re-entering it. 

To remove an order payment, there are two options available:

  • Delete the order payment completely
  • Enter a reverse payment

For refunds via sales credits, see this help article.

How to delete an order payment

  1. Go into the order and click 'View payments', then click into the accounting entry associated with the order payment:
  2. Once in the journal entry, scroll to the bottom and enter a reason for modification.
  3. Click the Cancel button.
  4. In the confirmation box, check the box titled Delete linked order payments and type CONFIRM into the confirmation box.
  5. Click the Confirm button.

This will cancel the journal and then also delete any order payments that are associated with it.

delete order payment

How to reverse (cancel) an existing payment

  1. Go to Sales > Order payments.
  2. Search for the payment using the filters.
  3. Click Reverse in the actions column.
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