Compare warehouses report

If you have enabled more than one warehouse, it can be helpful to see stock levels across locations.

The compare warehouses report can help identify if stock needs to be transferred or balanced at various locations.

It can be found under Reports > Compare Warehouses.

Report Set-Up

Choose a warehouse at the top of the screen. This is your 'destination warehouse' when preparing a transfer.


This selection will correspond to the information shown when hovering over the Details icon:


Then select which warehouses you would like to compare to this warehouse using the 'Compare To' button in the upper right corner.


Note: The date range of this report correlates to historical metrics such as sales and revenue, which you can add to your view using the gear icon mceclip2.png in the upper right corner.
The date range in the Replenishment screen determines how the forecast is calculated. The Replenishment date range will also determine replenishment recommendations and overstock.

Reading the Report

Once you have added a second location using the 'Compare To' feature, you will see new columns for Available Stock, Total Available Stock, and Total To Transfer.

Available Stock is inventory on hand at that location in excess of what will be needed during the days of stock (planning period).

This metric is based on the lowest amount of stock needed (based on the forecast) during the days of stock. Any inventory available over that amount is identified as available stock.

Note: Overstock is excess inventory after the days of stock. Available stock is excess inventory during the days of stock.

Total Available Stock is the sum of Available Stock from all compared locations.

This field will appear as zero if no warehouse is set to compare to (since there is no stock available to transfer until you have a warehouse for reference). Once you set a warehouse to compare to, this field will populate.

Total To Transfer will show as the replenishment amount for the destination warehouse as long as there is available stock in a source warehouse.

If there is not sufficient stock to transfer, then Total To Transfer will be reduced to the source stock amount.

Available stock can be transferred to another location to meet replenishment needs rather than order additional product from your supplier.

Filtering the report

If you would like to see only variants that are needed at your warehouse (selected at the top center of the screen) and where quantities are available in other warehouses, use filters. First click Filters > Replenishment and set the minimum to 1.


Then add another filter for Total Available Stock to be at least 1.



Finally, click Apply Filters to see results.

Creating a Transfer

The compare warehouses report can be used to create a transfer from one warehouse to another.

Learn how to create a transfer using the compare warehouses report here.



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