Overview of Demand Planner

Demand Planner is a powerful tool to assist you in planning and forecasting your business's inventory requirements.

It works alongside Brightpearl by pulling data from the back office to generate a number of reports that allow users to see when inventory needs to be reordered, which products are best sellers and what inventory is being overstocked, as well as managing wholesale orders and providing a method to create purchase orders.




Demand Planner comes with a report that displays what products need to be purchased, in what quantities, in order to meet demand. It calculates quantities based on metrics such as the sales forecast, lead times and days of stock, current inventory levels and inventory already on order.

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Demand Planner uses historical sales data to produce a sales forecast that is used to determine upcoming demand. Forecasts can be given on a warehouse level, for specific categories, or for individual products, and can be configured to account for seasonality or to exclude certain kinds of sales.

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Purchase orders, assemblies and warehouse transfers

It is possible to use Demand Planner to create purchase orders, assemblies and transfers between warehouses based on replenishment suggestions. Purchases and warehouse transfers created in Brightpearl will sync over to Demand Planner, and vice versa, while assemblies will post inventory adjustments from Demand Planner to Brightpearl.

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In addition to information about inventory that needs to be ordered in, Demand Planner provides a report describing any excess stock.

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In addition to the replenishment report, Demand Planner can be used to work out how much inventory should be ordered on a monthly basis to meet projected sales, using product categories rather than looking at individual items.

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